5 free video editing software that newbie creators use for youtube

In this blog, we give you a brief knowledge about 5 free video editing software that newbie creators use for youtube

Using video editing software is one of the crucial parts of your youtube journey. Whether you are a complete newbie or already established yourself on youtube, you will need to have one of these video editing software to edit your videos.


This article will share the top 5 industry-standard video editing software that you should use to edit your youtube videos.


You can learn any one of these and master yourself on it. I recommend you the easiest one, which is Filmora. It's not completely free, but it has great and easy-to-use features.


But, if you are trying to start your channel for video memes, that does not require your own videos. In that case, all you need to do is find relevant videos of others from youtube and edit them to reupload. 


Now the question is, how to cut a youtube video that's not yours


Well, it's very simple!


Copy the youtube video link and paste it to the most popular online video editing tool It will fetch the entire video and show you many options to edit the entire video.


So, now let's see the top 5 video editing software for youtube creators to edit their professional videos.


  1. Filmora


If you want to become a videographer, then two things are a must need for you. Number one is a camera with its gears, and number two is a professional video editing software like Filmora.


Filmora is one of the best industry-standard video editing tools that will help you edit your videos professionally.


It has tons of easy-to-use features and a wide range of stock libraries. You can find almost every video effect, transition, and sample video. Filmora is one of the best freemium tools


2) Openshot


OpenShot is a free and open-source video editing software that helps others to edit their videos. 


OpenShot is available for Linux, Mac, and Windows as well. Their animation frameworks are inimitable. You can trim and slice in an instant. Their simple user interface offers unlimited track and offers 70+ languages. 


3) Movavi


Movavi is a freemium computer software just like Filmora. It offers all programs individually as well as together. Movavi offers their all-in-one plan: video editor, screen recorder, photo editor, and effect store.


I personally don't use movavi, but you can give it a try.


4) Blender


Blender is a complete open-source animation tool that allows powerful video editing. You can't easily handle it without editing skills, though once you learn it, it will be highly efficient in video editing.


If you don't have a budget and don't have any time limitation, you should go for it. 


5) Shotcut


Shotcut is another open-source video editing software that allows almost every feature that other free software offers. It's a little bit complicated to handle, but overall, it is one of the best open-source video editing software.



This article is absolutely for you if you are looking for free and open-source industry-standard video editing software. In this article, you will find the list of the 5 most popular free video editing software.


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