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10 Secrets About Online Master Degree | Every Student should know

The 10 Secrets About Online Master Degree Only A Handful Of People Know. Some years back, earning a Bachelors or First degree used to be enough especially for those who wanted to establish a professional career. Today, the job market has become very competitive and shows no mercy to those who have not pursued a Second Degree.

The 10 Secrets About Online Master Degree Only A Handful Of People Know

Some years back, earning a Bachelors or First degree used to be enough especially for those who wanted to establish a professional career. Today, the job market has become very competitive and shows no mercy to those who have not pursued a Second Degree.

In certain research conducted by HESA (Higher Education Statistics Agency) regarding the 2011/12 graduates, about 87% of postgraduates were employed within 6 months after graduation as compared to 65% of the Bachelor's graduates. In addition, recent statistics by the US's Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that by 2022, more than 18% of all job vacancies will require a Second or Master's degree. Studying for an advanced degree such as Master's is therefore worthy and guarantees you employment in the future.

When deciding to pursue a Masters, an online degree seems to be a great choice. Over recent years, an online Master's degree in India has become very popular and cheaper. In addition, it requires less learning time and students are thought to learn more than they do in other courses due to the high rise in technology.

The following are some of the biggest secrets that only a handful of people know about an online Master's degree program.

1) The Degree is More Affordable than You Think

An Online Masters Degree in India is regarded as less expensive as compared to the cost of studying at any public university in the world. Learners have the opportunity to save a lot of money by staying away from fees that are common to classroom-based education such as hostel, parking, laboratory, and communication fees. You can also imagine a situation where one lives in a place such as Lucknow or Bhopal in India and still goes to college in New Delhi. Such costs can be saved a great deal when one considers pursuing an online masters program.

2) It Requires Less Learning Time Compared to Most Traditional Courses

One of the many reasons why you should consider taking the online certification courses is that they require less time learning compared to traditional master's programs. Most universities offer the course within a period of two years although this depends on the kind of specialization. Some specializations require 1 year and others 1 year. When such programs are studied in a college or university that offers traditional courses, they would take about 2 to 2 years to finish the course. Studying a master's degree online is, therefore, more time convenient and worth pursuing compared to the traditional courses.

3) Learning Schedule is More Convenient and Flexible

Any online degree has the capacity to offer a wide range of benefits including convenience and the flexibility of the learning schedule. You can plan your study and choose to learn at any place since you are not engaged in the class schedule most of the time You can study at a local gym, internet cafe, bedroom, and etcetera. You don't even have to worry about missing classes or other important events. Moreover, the course helps to customize your needs and balance other matters such as family commitments and visiting your best friends.

 4) There is an Enhanced Professional Network 

By studying your master's degree online, you become engaged with various professionals who are like-minded and also very successful in their careers. Such people could be teachers, doctors, engineers, or company leaders who can help you advance your career in greater levels. They also share a wide knowledge of working in various departments. Additionally, such people come from many different parts of the world and as a student, you'll be connected to many professionals who can link you to many different organizations across the globe.

5)  Many Specializations are Available Online

Many good universities out there have no capacity to provide all the specializations that you need. This can make you spend a lot of resources and time looking for the best university that offers the best specialization for your master's degree. This problem is solved by the availability of many different courses online including some of the most advanced master's specializations in India. Asa result of this, you don't have to worry about the school or class location. You need only to focus on the course and the subject of study.

6) There is More Self-discipline and Responsibility

Both online and distance courses require a student to have time management and self-motivation skills. There's no way you can succeed in an online master's degree without such special skills because you usually spend a great deal of time alone without the tutors or lectures to keep you directed or focused on the deadlines. During the course, you'll not only learn about physics or computer programming concepts but also self-motivation skills. This characteristic will help you become more visible in your career. Additionally, it helps you look wonderful in your Curriculum Vitae.

7) It's Considered a Greener Option

According to O.U. (Open University), one of the most recognized distance learning institutions in the world, online courses save per each student, about 90% of energy and an average of 85% fewer emissions of carbon (IV) oxide to the atmosphere compared to the on-campus courses. This makes distance and online learning more effective than any known traditional course. Studying for online masters programs India can, therefore, contribute a great deal to save the environment as well as other energy resources.

8) Professors are More Available

Talking to a professor or instructor after class can be very demanding in any traditional university or college. Although these people have a few office hours, they cannot be able to serve everybody in a school of more than 10,000 students. An online master's program in India is better and instructors can serve a student at any time when they are available online regardless of whether it's daytime or at night. Lecturers can also address questions at any time and also leave important remarks to students.

9) Increased Student Support

Studying for an Online Masters Degree helps learners to have more support in a great many services even those that cannot be offered manually in the on-campus schools. Such services are available within 24-hours, unlike the traditional colleges which offer the services only at certain times (usually between 9 AM to 5 PM). It's, therefore, more beneficial to pursue your masters online due to the advanced student support.

10) Application Procedure is 1000 Times Easier

Applying to study for online certification courses is considered very easy as compared to the ordinary degree in any traditional college or university. It's also tiresome and very costly to apply the degree manually since it involves a lot of paperwork that involves visa application, accommodation, residence and work permit, and etcetera. Online applications are straightforward and once you're accepted, everything else will be as easy as a pie.


In conclusion, studying for a master's degree online can be regarded as a worthy investment. You can save plenty of money and still go for a well-paying job while studying and you are also guaranteed employment after you finish the course.

Siva Kumar have served the armed forces for 15 years. Post retirement from Services he has been serving as a director of operations at Illinois Institute of Technology India Pvt Ltd this is a wholly owned subsidiary of Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago.
His aim is to provide a full time study programme to learn at your place through the distance learning and online master programs.


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