What is Big Data ? Big Data Concept in Easy Words ?

What is Big Data

What is Big Data ? Big Data Concept in Easy Words ?

BIG DATA: Categories Structure Types, Characteristics & Benefits of it

Why Big Data is Important for data Science? Why Big Data is Growing day by day for keeping safe the large amount of big data. Let us start over the concept by clarifying what actually data mean in broad terms. All of the characters, symbols or entities which are operated through the computer and transmitted are stored in the form of electrical signals are called as data. It can be recorded over the magnetic media or through the mechanical media. And the largest and enhanced form of data is called Big Data.

The most enlarged collection of data which is exponentially growing in sizes is referred to be as big data. The most significant fact about the big data is that its collection and size is so large that it is extremely hard for the data management tools to store at or execute it in an efficient manner.

Categories structure of big data

Big data is basically categorized into the three forms:

  • Structure - The data which can be accessed, stored or executed in the fixed format is known as structured data. In this sort of data format is actually known in advance and the delivering value is also estimated.
  • Un-structure - The data which is in an unknown form and categorized un-structurally is called as unstructured data. In order to execute it properly and to deliver the value of it, this type of data required lots of efforts and number of challenges has to be outnumbered. We can also say that unstructured data is the heterogeneous data collection having a number of files, videos and images.
  • Semi structure -By the name itself we can estimate the possibilities of semi-structured data. It lies in between the structured and unstructured data. Hence, its functionalities are also in between them.


Characteristics of big data

As we have seen the types of big data and got an estimate about their functional effects, let us get a brief about their characteristics.

  • Volume - Volume refers to the size of data and big data in itself stands for the enormous size. The categorization of data entirely depends upon its volume.
  • Variety - With multiple ranges in the data in most of the cases it is a heterogeneous source. The variety in structured and unstructured data contains a number of hurdles regarding their processing, storage and accessibility.
  • Velocity - Velocity highlights the data generation speed and the processing within the potential requirements. The flow of entire data from sources to the destination is entirely counted among it in a massive way.
  • Variability -The inconsistency which is present in the data in most of the cases are referred to as variability.

Major benefits of big data

The file size and enormous availability of the big data might be difficult in few of the aspects but there are plenty of benefits associated with it. The processing with big data brings out a large number of advantages which are as –

  • In most of the small or large sized business organizations, the utilization of strategies from public platforms is highly been adapted.
  • There is a tremendous change in the customer feedback services and many of the outdated working strategies have been replaced.
  • In most of the cases, the estimation regarding product or services is obtained.
  • Most of the organizational bodies can upload the data which is not accessed frequently.
  • Within a short span of time, a number of risks can be calculated among various portfolios and platforms.
  • A number of developmental strategies and optimized offerings can be taken into consideration.
  • On a very high note, there is efficiency in time consumption and costs.

Big data is prevalent in the following platforms

The organizational structures and industries that have understood the influential benefits of big data have started shifting their working strategies according to it. At present days, there are a number of platforms which are utilizing the big data for the improvisation of the fundamentals and working.

Healthcare spots

All of the healthcare organizations or hospitals frequently need to update their treatment procedures, patient records, medical facilities and number of documentation.


The educational sector is entirely updating and modifying in its own way. Hence, right from classrooms to playgrounds the academic sector enormously started working with big data. In order to improvise the level of learning and to avail the conceptual learning to every needy, there are plenty of digital platforms which are hosting the requirements.

Information technology centre

There is hardly any segment which information technology has not touched. Most of the multinational organizations and IT companies have almost shifted their working strategies over big data and started using it to ease their functioning. It is done in order to enhance the productivity, outnumbering risk associated with business and to optimize the working of the companies.

Banking sectors

In order to keep an eye over the fraudulent or other kinds of fraud activities, banking sectors have started relieving over the big data. The big data management tools are utilized in order to inspect and to detect any manipulation with the data or misuse of the credit or debit cards.

Government sectors

When the government bodies and the agencies perform the new plan or functions, then there are ample amount of data which need to be stored or accessed. Big data has provided all such facilities in this case to enhance the transparency and more security among the organizations.

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