Key Essential Features to Include in Every Retail application.

Key Essential Features to Include in Every Retail application.

If you want to develop a successful retail application, it must have all the features that are mentioned below. These features will make it simpler for consumers to make purchase decisions. Besides, they also serve great user experience. So, assure you to consider every one of them with your mobile app development company in Dubai &, etc countries that you have to choose for app development


Key Essential Features to Include in Every Retail application.



1.Quick walkthrough

No matter how easy to use your app is if you sell a wide range of products through your application, it may be tough for customers to simply find what they are seeing for. Secondly, users sometimes understand that they need special features after the features are introduced to them.

So, app development companies can build a walkthrough feature on your retail app. Users will have the alternative of using it or not. Good store map is an excellent way to start. The idea is to assist customers to find what they are seeing for quickly before they drop off. Customers are becoming more anxious and smarter. They know they have a lot of opportunities and they make utilization of them very well.

2. Shopping list

Instead of having to add everything to cart every single time, regular customers should be capable to build a regular shopping list. If you run a grocery store, you want this feature for your app. Take the time to address it with your app development company in Saudi Arabia and etc

Every customer has regular items that they buy from grocery stores. They can add the items in their shopping list. The feature acts like the playlist feature in music players. They can generate a shopping list and name it. So, once a customer hits on her shopping list. All the items on the list will be attached to cart in detailed quantities. So, the user goes to check out or add more items to cart. Many app development companies in Kuwait & etc have already started implementing it.

3. Customer service

Customer service is an essential feature that must include in your retail application. It enables customer can click and chat with a live customer service agent without departing the app. And if the problem at hand needs putting a call through, the customer may just require to touch the phone number to start a call. He does not have to come outside of the app to do that. It is called “click to call” feature. So, make your mobile app development companies build a customer service feature and include the click to call technology into it. You could also take it a level further by providing chatbots for better services

Mobile App developers can build a database of the answers to the questions asked by the customers. This database can be connected to your chatbots. However, if a customer comes with a problem that your chatbot cannot answer, a phone number is given to the customer to call.

4. Stock counter

Many retail apps still do this dangerous mistake that gets customers irritated. Why promote what is not available in stock. It’s like finishing customers’ desire and then you tell them that what they need is not ready. Every retail app must have a product counter feature that removes a product out instantly the counter reads “0”. It should run from the backend.

If it’s a product that you’re thinking to restock, you can have it grayed out. The customer now knows that it is not available before comparing its features. Not every user sees the out-of-stock tag you attach at the bottom of unavailable products.

5. Quick loading

According to many studies, half of the online shoppers will not idle for more than 3 seconds for a retail page to load. If after 3 seconds a page is still to load, they’ll go for another one. Some of them would not also wait that long before closing the page. So, you should assure that every page of your mobile app loads as quick as possible. Your aim should be less than a second. Your mobile app development company should use different technologies to accomplish this.

6. Mobile payment

The world of payment is continuously shifting towards mobile technologies. You must know about Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, etc. If you are still to unite at least one of them into your mobile application, you are not active for competition yet. You should execute this as soon as possible.

7. Voice control

By the end of 2020, half of the searches and shopping will be accomplished by using voice commands. So, you must get your app available for voice commands. Customers are closing on to the technology fast.


If you ignore any one of the above-mentioned features to incorporate in your retail mobile applications, then you missed the excellent opportunities to gain sales and profits to your business. To ensure your mobile app meet all the user requirements, discuss with your app development company and develop an app with attractive features.

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