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3 Reasons Why Custom is a Must Follow Trend for your Business Website

With the availability of a range of tools and technologies, it’s easy to launch a website of your own. You choose a template, fill it with your content and make it live to your customers. But the fact that your website looks similar to other business won’t let you have a unique identity. And a unique identity is important for branding, expanding your reach, and growing your customers.

Although the readymade templates make it easy and affordable to launch your website but they also provide limited features which can resist your growth in the future. For instance, you started your business with a DIY template and then realize later that you need to add new features to your website. Now, doing this won’t only cost you time but also the money or you might also need to start creating it from scratch. 

A custom website gives you a competitive edge in many situations. Like planning, strategizing, and monetizing to your customer’s needs perfectly. Given that, there are three reasons why you should focus on creating a custom website.


#1: It Sets You Apart from the Competition 

In your homes, you focus on making the entrance beautiful so the guest feels special when they enter your home. You try your best to make it look perfect and the same goes for your office. 

In the online world, your website acts as your home. When people hear your business name, they search your website to know about you. Consider it like a candidate coming for an interview who would dig your website to know the insights. 

With a customized website, you can own the look and feel of your website, you can decide what to put in the palette and what to drop. You can also relate it to your business and set a tone that is different from others. A custom website gives a feeling that the website solely belongs to your business and you own the idea behind its presence.

Tip: When you’re creating your website, filter your target audience and their demographics. Think of the design and color scheme that will attract them the most. Then create the look and feel according to their interest.


#2: You Can Choose to be You 


If everybody starts copying each other then their own value will be lost. If you follow the available templates, you’ll look like others. A custom website allows you to tell your story in your own words. 

If you own a product or give services, then you’ll want your website to relate to your product. Like if you own a web design company in Toronto, you’ll specify it to Toronto audience so they can have a personalized experience when they come to you.  

Keeping in mind the needs and wants of your customers, you can choose the layout, features, and functionalities of your web design in Toronto.  

Tip: Make your website the best reflection of your products, mission, vision and your business values.  


#3: Search Engine Optimization and Branding 

The drawback of following the DIY templates is that you don’t get the extended features to optimize to the search engines. While a custom website gives you more chances to market and optimize your website.  

A custom website is a key part of your digital promotion. If you ask the web developer to create a custom website, he’ll keep the SEO requirements in mind. From scratch he’ll follow the tactics and will also optimize it to your business services.  

Not only SEO but a custom website also plays a pivotal role in branding. Branding requires unique representation, and with a custom website only you’re able to do that. You can choose to be creative if you own a creative product or services, and you can also go professional if you have a professional audience for your business. 

Tip: When you’re creating your website, hire any professional, and ask him to consider SEO requirements so you don’t have to pay later to invest in SEO. 



The Bottom Line

Planning is essential before you launch your website on the market. With proper planning and strategy you can pitch the right audience for your business. If you pick a general site or a template then you’d reach nowhere. Every successful entrepreneur starts their website with a plan and process. If you also want to leave your digital footprints then work on creating a custom website to leave the impressions on your customer's mind. 

With the three reasons above, customization has become a must-follow trend for small businesses. If you also want to grow your presence with your website then go for a custom website instead of following the template. It will give you a competitive edge over others.

Considering this importance of customization, will you go for a custom website or still follow the available templates?   

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