PPC Management Strategies

4 PPC Management Strategies to Minimize Expenditure

One of the most popular forms of PPC is the search engine advertising that allows advertisers to bid for ad placement on a search engine.

One of the most effective traffic-driving marketing strategies Pay Per Click (PPC) has gained a lot of attention this year as the marketing tides shifted after March 2020. PPC is part of digital marketing in which the advertisers pay whenever the visitors click on their ads. In simple words, PPC helps in buying visitors for your website, as getting organic visits on the website takes a lot of time. One of the most popular forms of PPC is the search engine advertising that allows advertisers to bid for ad placement on a search engine.


For example, if you bid on the keyword "PPC packages,” your ad will be visible in the top spot on the Google result page. Strategies that once used to work now seem to fall flat and it needs some careful reconsideration to get good ROI.

What Are PPC Management Strategies?

Pay per click management strategies are implemented to oversee and manage the company's pay per click ad budget. The ads that get to appear on the page is based on two factors. These factors are:

  1. The advertiser's rank of the Ad
  2. The highest bidder among the advertisers

PPC management is about maximizing profits and minimizing the total expenditure on buying Ads.

Before a business can implement PPC management services, the following tasks need to be considered and performed correctly.

1. Targeting channels

This task involves which paid media channels are to be targeted. Some of the paid media channels that can be pursued are:

  • Google Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • Display networks
  • Social media advertising

2. Proper keyword research

Proper keyword research is essential before implementing PPC strategies. Keywords could help a business find what their target audience is searching about.

3. Analysis of competitors

The business must analyze their competitors to know what keywords they are targeting and which PPC advertising system is used.

PPC Management Strategies

Here are 4 PPC management strategies that you could follow to minimize your expenditure.

1. Keep voice search in mind while setting your PPC

Voice searches are becoming common and popular among people as voice searches help users save time while searching on a particular topic. However, it is seen that advertisers do not pay attention to voice searches, which is essential if you are setting your PPC Ads.

How could you implement a good voice search strategy for PPC?

Follow these steps to implement a good voice search strategy:

The first step involves checking whether you are receiving a voice search for your campaigns.

You could get the report of a search query from Google ad words, which is the most used PPC advertising system globally.

It would help if you used the right keyword tools for finalizing the keywords for your voice search.

2. Using promotion extensions

You could get more attention and reach out to more people with your PPC Ad by adding promotion extensions. This PPC management strategy is useful as it can grab visitors' engagement by offering good deals and discounts offered by your business.

What is the best way of using the Promotion extension strategy?

The best way of using the promotion extension is by adding occasional events. Some occasional events that you could add are New Year, Diwali, Christmas, and Black Friday, as occasions are the best time to grab the attention of the visitors by offering them occasional discounts.

3. Use multiple platforms for advertisement

Most advertisers use Google Ads, which provides PPC packages for digital advertising, which is a great option. However, you must not limit your business to Google Ads and reach out to other platforms for advertisements too.

What platforms can be used for advertisements?

The following platforms can be used for advertisements:

Instagram: This is a social media platform that could be used for creating brand awareness by promoting your business with the help of collaborations with social media influencers.

Facebook: It is a go-to social media platform for companies to create brand awareness, generate sales, and reach out to customers through the Facebook page.

4. Consider mobile-specific PPC Ads

Companies must focus on PPC Ads for mobile users as more than half of the world's internet traffic is through mobile phones and more than 60% of Ad Clicks are through mobile phones. Therefore, companies must keep in mind mobile users and opt for mobile users' right PPC packages.

What practices can be followed for mobile-specific PPC Ads?

The first and foremost step is to make the company's website well optimized for mobile users.

You could add promotion extensions in your PPC Ads

Use the suitable and the right keywords for your Ads

The most important is designing a mobile-friendly landing page of your website. A right landing page must be functional, relevant and intuitive

Our Take

While PPC marketing is here to stay, all you need to do is strategically plan your campaign. Connecting with a PPC expert may help you execute the plan effectively.

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