5 Great Reasons to Send Your Child to a CBSE School in Singapore

If you an expatriate family, you have undoubtedly considered what kind of school will help you educate your child. You have so many things to think about, from school structure to location and more.

If you an expatriate family, you have undoubtedly considered what kind of school will help you educate your child. You have so many things to think about, from school structure to location and more. 

Curricula and oversight are some of these important factors. The CBSE is one of the best systems for private and international schools in India and the surrounding areas. As such, a growing number of expatriate families, especially from India, choose this system every year. Here’s what you need to know about why:

What is the CBSE? 

The CBSE - the Central Board of Secondary Education - was founded in 1962. It was designed as a way to regulate and improve the educational approaches of Indian schools. What started as a group of just over 300 schools now includes nearly 21,000 and the number is growing annually. The organization and its affiliated schools follow the NCERT curriculum of the National Council of Educational Research and Training. This curriculum is designed to foster curiosity and a love for learning in students of all ages while providing holistic instruction and guidance. 

The Benefits of CBSE Oversight of Schools 

Why choose a school associated with the CBSE? The evaluations that the board has implemented are the gold standard of assessing student readiness for continuing higher education. As more and more students today opt for higher education through college and university studies, this has been incredibly impactful in preparing them for that goal. 

Since students are assessed in both the tenth grade and the twelfth or final grade, they receive two opportunities to benefit from this analysis. The first test, offering in the tenth year of school, ensures that students are on the right path. Those who do well in this evaluation may receive more challenging coursework or accelerated curricula moving forward. Those who are struggling can receive additional guidance to improve their scores and their readiness for college or the workforce.

The final evaluation ensures that students have received the teaching they require to enter college or secure a job. This evaluation gives students something concrete to prepare for and focus on. It also allows teachers and administrators to see how their approaches are working for students year after year. 

Why Send Your Child to a CBSE School? Here Are Five Very Good Reasons!

There are so many reasons to choose a school overseen by the CBSE for your child. Not only are these schools widely-regarded as some of the best in the world, but they also provide numerous benefits. Your children will carry these benefits throughout their educational careers and beyond. 

Just a few of these include: 

  • A focus on the whole student - Holistic educational approaches are now widely accepted as the gold standard for schooling. Children develop best under instruction and guidance that focuses on them as a whole person, nurturing them emotionally and socially as well as academically. Health and physical education, arts instruction, and linguistic studies are all part of this approach - and make schools supervised by the CBSE a great choice for modern children.
  • Diverse and dynamic approaches that are tailored to individual learners - Experts know that every child learns differently. While classroom collaboration and cooperation are important for childhood development, it is also important to tailor instructional approaches to the needs of each of these students as much as possible. 
  • Great student to teacher ratios - Smaller class sizes mean more direct interaction between teachers and students. Many public schools and even private institutions in India deal with overcrowded classrooms and overworked teachers. Schools affiliated with the CBSE have a common goal of reducing class sizes and creating a more intimate and interactive learning environment.  
  • Preparation for educational transitions - Certain points of a child’s educational career are more important than others in terms of development and growth. These pivotal periods - such as the transition from the middle grades to high school - can make or break your child’s educational experience, meaning the way your school approaches them is critically important. The focus on preparing students for these periods is a big part of the CBSE commitment. Teachers and administrators guiding children through their schooling with an eye toward preparing for important transitions is just one more way that these schools ensure student readiness for the world after schooling ends.  
  • Adaptability in the face of a changing world - There may have never been a more important period in history for schools to be adaptive and dynamic in their approach to education. The schools affiliated with the CBSE have always prided themselves on meeting the changing needs of students from one generation to the next, but that need came sharply into focus in the year 2020. With the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the globe, schooling has fundamentally changed. CBSE schools have changed as well, offering students and families safe ways to engage in learning without sacrificing their health. Using cutting-edge technology, schooling in these schools keeps adapting to the changing times and providing an excellent education for students along the way.

If you like the sound of these benefits, you’re in luck - they aren’t hard to find! There are plenty of CBSE schools in Singapore and other cities around the world to choose from. Selective expatriate families have their choice of many top-quality schools, from local private institutions to international schools overseen by the CBSE. Contact your prospective institutions today and learn more about their affiliation with the CBSE and what they have to offer your child and family!


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