How to Design Candle Boxes to Boost Your Sales?

How to Design Candle Boxes to Boost Your Sales?

A convenient way to make money these days is to sit at home and start your online business. Many companies started operating on Instagram and now have their physical stores set up. If you are into DIY crafts or have a love for candle-making, you can start your candle business. Nowadays, people do not only use candles for light but for many other reasons too.

Making candles is just the first step of the business. After that, you have to give thought to the packaging process too. There was a time when only small candle-making companies were in competition but now bigger retail companies have also started selling candles as a part of their lifestyle or the home section. Your competition is with them too. If you want to create a unique and memorable image for yourself, you need to make sure that you do not compromise on the presentation and packaging of your candles.

Significance of Candles

Candles have become an important part of most people’s lives and living spaces these days. There is something so soothing and calming about a lit candle. This is why more and more people are falling in love with candles.

Candles do not only give off warmth or make a room brighter but they also make you feel content. Some people symbolize candles with stillness and calmness. Even in yoga, the candle flame is often used as a pivotal point for concentration.

Given as Gifts

Nowadays, candles are also given as gifts. A lot of big clothing brands have also introduced candles in their Home section. People also give candles as a wedding or party favors since they make a wonderful and thoughtful gift.

Scented Candles

Scented candles put you in such a wonderful mood due to their beautiful scents. You can find scents by the season, festival or colour. People even buy candles to put in their kitchen to remove unpleasant odours.

Other than that, candles are used as décor items or to brighten up a dark part of the room. So, if you start a candle business, it will surely take off well.

How to Design Candle Gift Boxes?

Candle Gift Boxes have to be designed in a certain way to make them appealing to the receiver. When someone wants to give a gift, they want it to be perfect. So, if you are selling candles for gifting purposes, you have to do the best job at its packaging. There are many ways to spice up a candle gift box.

Ribbon Bows

You can keep the entire packaging very simple in nude or white colours and then make a ribbon bow on the top of the box to complete the look. There is no need to wrap the gift anymore as the packaging itself becomes a wrapping for the gift that is inside. This design is minimal but remarkable.

Gold or Silver Finish

If you are selling candles as gifts for important occasions such as Valentines’ Day or Christmas, you can make the packaging sparkly or shiny. Get candle box packaging with a golden or silver finish as it looks very regal and sleek.

Window Candle Boxes

Most of the time, candle boxes are completely opaque and the customers cannot see the kind of candle that is inside. However, you can make the candles in your gift section interesting by putting them in window boxes. The customers will be able to see a bit of the candle through the window. If the gift is for a special occasion, you can attach a tag on the window with the greeting for that occasion on it.

How to Customize Candle Boxes Wholesale?

As a company, you will be buying candle boxes wholesale so you need a customization option that you can apply to all boxes. There are many ways to make packaging interesting and appealing but nowadays, minimalism is what everyone is looking for. ‘Less is More,’ and you need to apply this rule in candle packaging wholesale too.

Cylinder Candle Boxes

Cylinder candle boxes are ideal since candles are often made in cylindrical glasses and then packaged in boxes. The container of the candle can easily fit in the cylindrical box and would not be able to stay still in a rectangular box.

If you want your candle boxes to have a high-end look, make them monotone or one colour. White and black are considered the colours of luxury but you can also use any other dark colour. Simply put your company’s name on the box in a sleek font, and the final finish would be anything but ordinary.

Ingredients or Scents

Another way to make the candle boxes look attractive is by putting their information on the box. For example, if you sell scented candles in your store, you can give the scents names like ‘Ocean Blues’ and ‘Mahogany Dust.’ There are many ways to get creative with names. Some companies name their candles after seasons, while others have named them after fruits or beverages. Do not copy another company and try to be original in naming.

Get the name of the scent along with brief information about it on the front of the box. This will urge the customer to pick up the candle box and read the information on it. This increases the likelihood of the customer buying that particular candle.

Acrylic Candle Boxes

Acrylic boxes are also quite common these days as they are beautiful yet simple. They let the customer see the whole candle, increasing the possibility of a purchase. When the customer sees the candle in beautiful colour and shapes, he or she is tempted to buy in.

You need to remember that these are not exactly rigid candle boxes as they often have a weaker base as compared to cardboard boxes. So, you should not put heavy candles in these boxes. Alternatively, you could get custom candle boxes made in which you can opt for a sturdier base.


You would be surprised to see how many customers come to you because of your packaging. You must have noticed how people often buy something just because it looks ‘pretty.’ Your aim is to make the packaging good-looking and efficient so that the customer does not have any complaints.

For designing the candle boxes, you can either take ideas from the Internet or get in touch with a candle box supplier and get their assistance. If you keep using popular and innovative trends in your packaging, you will definitely make a place in the customers’ hearts and minds.

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