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7 steps to do before the solar quote and solar electricity arrives.

If you are planning to get a solar electricity system installed at your home, you must ask experts for a solar quote for installation and assessment.

Planning to set up a solar electricity system at home? Before you head-on, there are a few steps to consider. Doing pre-handed research is great, however, to get more information on the exact and accurate steps for planning solar electricity system installation, contact your local solar energy installer. Here is what you can do before they arrive: 

Measuring Your Home's Energy Efficiency

The homeowners shall investigate their home’s energy efficiency as the initial step to plan a solar electricity system installation. They should know their total electricity usage and try to implement low-cost efficiency measures to implement before they choose total solar electricity. What factors to look at while measuring efficiency? 

  • Home energy audits to find the main sources of losing energy. 
  • Using appliances and electronic devices efficiently. 
  • Switching to efficient lighting options. 
  •  Using heaters or ACs in line with the energy available. 

Assessing Your Home’s Solar Potential

It is essential to assess your home’s solar potential before you move on with the idea of solar electricity. It is important because the amount of energy that is generated depends on how much solar energy reaches it and also, the size of your system. Taking the advice of an expert here is necessary. They can easily provide detailed recommendations, estimates, and equipment expertise, fulfilling your needs.

Assessing your solar system options 

Several options in the market allow you to choose according to your needs of installing a solar system. Different programs enable you to benefit from solar electricity installation such as solar leases, community/shared solar, PPA, Solarize Program, etc.

Estimating Your Solar Electricity Needs

In this step, you have to provide an accurate or a rough idea about your electricity consumption to the experts so that they can offer recommendations for your system’s type and size. 

Obtaining the bids

Once you are done with every essential assessment and estimating, it is time to obtain bids and site assessments from solar installers. When you interview the installers, there are a few questions that you must ask; 

  • Ask if they are familiar with all the necessary local permitting and interconnection processes?
  • Ask for the previous customer references. 
  • Know if the company is licensed or certified?
  • Ask about the warranty of the recommended system. 

Financing and Incentives

Research about the available financing and incentives. To solidify your research, you can search for additional state, local, or utility incentives.

Team up with your installer

If you have decided to finalize your installation, then work as per your installer’s guidance. Work through the necessary permits and steps to make sure that you enjoy all the benefits of the solar system at the end. 

Contact your nearest or local solar electricity expert to get a free solar quote. All you have to do is visit their official site and fill the form asking for a free solar quote. They will contact you ASAP, and you are all set!


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