8 Simple Ways to Make Money with Your Smartphone

These are difficult times if you who don't have a source of income. You can still make money using your smartphone by these 8 simple ways

You lost your job. The job opportunities are thinner than a thread. You’ve no funds to start a new business. If you’re suffering from all these scenarios, then don’t worry; we’re at your service. We’ve some great ideas with which you can make your fortune online with your smartphone.

No, we aren’t talking about playing online Rummy.

With the Internet taking over a large part of our lives, earning money online has become a ‘new normal’. However, choosing the way and platform need to be mindful. Additionally, we would like to share a word of caution with you so that you don’t get disheartened. It is, don’t expect to earn a large amount of money in a lesser time.

So, scroll down to look at the eight simple ways to make money with your smartphone.

  1. Freelancing to disclose your skillsets:

During the lockdown, freelancing has gained popularity to a great extent. Even companies are increasingly hiring freelancers to meet work demands rather than full-time employees. You can check several websites that are offering projects for people with diverse skills.

All you have to do is create an account and apply for the job in which you are interested based on your skillsets. Every company has its own set of rules; most of them pay you after the completion of tasks and approving your work. A few may even request you to open a PayPal account for digital payment.

  1. Build a free website and make profits:

Are you passionate about it? It will get you millions of visitors from which you can earn income on autopilot. To build the website, you must have a concept, choose a domain, templates, layouts, and overall design.

You must have heard about the website software called WordPress; it is superior to anything else we have seen so far. Even it is easy to use. Oh, did I mention; it is free. Once done, you can invite people to promote their products and services; the only best way to lure clients is through good content.

  1. Even research and writing feedback can bring rewards:

Various online websites offer money to go through online surveys, research, and write genuine reviews on products. Product reviews play a crucial role in the buying process and help customers make an informed decision. And you’ll get paid by sharing your opinion on the Internet.

Before heading on to this work, you might need to disclose personal information to them, including bank details. Some websites may be genuine, but those who offer a large amount of money could be fraudulent ones. Hence, be extra careful while sharing your information with them.

  1. YouTubers earn more than full-timers:

The reality of today’s world! But you should be skilled in something like cooking, painting, contracting, gaming, etc. Nowadays, people are making Instagram Reels even driving the car (for that, you’ll need aphone holder;also learn its other benefits) and post it on YouTube. Hence, in whatever field your expertise is, make a video of it, upload it on YouTube, and grow your audience. In the end, the more subscribers you’ll have, the more clicks you’ll get for your ads; likewise, the more reward you’ll get.

YouTube is just one of many ways to become an Internet sensation (or if you are lucky, then an Internet tycoon). In the beginning, you need to work hard and promote your video as much as possible to increase the audience base.

  1. Manage company’s social media accounts:

Social media is quite a profitable business if you know how to play it right and are prepared to put in the effort. For a social media addict, it must be a matter of scrolling, but for businesses, it’s a marketing tool.

So, reach out to such businesses and propose them to run their social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, etc. As a contractor, you can kick-off the work on a trial basis. Once you achieve the milestones, you can aim high and negotiate your compensation accordingly.

  1. Knowing other languages can escalate your demand:

Several websites offer translation projects to people who know languages other than English. It may include Spanish, French, Arab, German, etc. As many companies find this job as time-consuming, they hire temporary people from outside (or, say, freelancers).

If you’ve time and knowledge of any language other than English, then you can put your work on platforms like,, etc. Register your name and start bidding on translation jobs. All you need to do is translate a document from one language to another. For that, you can even charge on an hourly basis instead of words.

  1. Earn extra with your writing hobby:

With a kindle e-book, you don’t need a publisher to publish your write-ups. If writing interests you, then reach millions of readers on Amazon. It is an EXTENSIVE marketplace to sell your piece and get paid for it. Even if you get a small fraction amount from people who buy your written book every month, that will become a lot of extra income.


And how much time it takes to publish it? Just 5 minutes, and your book is available across the globe within 24-48 hours. Furthermore, you can also keep control over the rights of your book, set the price of it, and the best topping; you can change the price at any time.

  1. Edit videos and put the money in your pocket:

Video editing is an artistic yet easy job to arrange and manipulate some video shots. With little special effects and technical skill, you can take in big bucks. Also, nowadays, businesses are madly hunting for video editors for publishing their content on social media channels. All you need to do is approach such companies and edit their videos.

There are some powerful apps like Abode Rush, ViEdit, and MOFILM that allow users to create professional videos. Whether you’re a professional video editor or not, these apps with basic knowledge can lead you to start earning good money.

Final words:

As you can see, there is a junk of opportunities for earning money through your smartphone in today’s competitive world. But a lot of phone usage or dropping of the same in a hurry can lead you to a substantial bill, especially for an iPhone user. To protect your iPhone from breaking, you should have ultra-tough cases. Look at the 5 best iPhone 11 protective cases, which are stylish and tough.

Let's come back to our point, which of the above ways matches with your skillset? Whatever it is, all of these are trending a lot, so you have got a good opportunity to sit at home and earn money. Go and grab it; now!

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