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A Few Heads Up For Every Logo Designer Client Out There

Are you launching up a new business? Are you excited to crack some number-crunching deals? To be honest, if you are running a business just like me, then I am sure you are very much an enthusiast yourself.

Searching up a credible logo designer to design your brand the most perfect logo?

Here are some interesting things that are important for you to know. After carrying out detailed research on what other logo designers have to say to their clients when they come up to them with a logo design proposition, we have created this article to help you understand what you (as a client) shouldn’t say or do.

So without further Ado, let’s begin.

1) Never Start a Conversation with a Designer by Saying, “Hey, I need a Logo Design.”

It is best advised that you should not limit yourself to just a design when it comes to a logo. Although a logo is a small part of your brand but when you are dealing with designers, they want the big picture.

Dean Giavos is a designer who mostly consults and design restaurant based logos. And here’s something valuable that Dean has to say to the readers:  

“I wish clients understood that it’s never just about a logo; it’s how that logo works in a system. You can have a cool logo, but if that design doesn’t translate and complement the rest of your branding, people will be able to tell—even if they don’t know design.”

Dean believes that logo isn’t just something that you get designed and start plastering away on your products. It is the tool that lifts the value of your brand. Using a logo where it does not fit will not only damage your brand value but it will also convince your customer to check out other alternatives as well.

2) Don’t Create False Expectations in Your Mind so You May Later Regret it

Just like you, your service provider also knows how to run his business. If you have picked someone to design your company logo, then I am sure you did because there were many positive reviews about them.

Now, some people don’t realize the significance of expertise and instead of simple pitch, gather, work, approve, and delivery model they instead have to go through an entirely different process.

They had to come across the client’s unique demands, multiple rejections, unnecessary bashing, etc. This is not the right way forward in any kind of business. Clients should never create false expectations.

So when the next time your designer tells you, “Hey Jackie, that logo in pink color doesn’t look nice!” try to understand that he is saying it out of experience because he spent a good amount of years in business.

3) Miscommunications or Lack of Communication Can Break the Deal Permanently

Now, your designer is definitely an expert but he is no Merlin with a crystal ball to scoop into the future or see into your mind. Lack of communication or miscommunication is why most projects turn total sour.

As a client, it is your responsibility to communicate everything important about your brand logo. Also, keep enough room to allow your logo designer to offer his expert insight and understand it.

You may be an expert in manufacturing cars, building constructions sites, real estate or accountancy; but you are not an expert in logo designing. Instead, I believe the other guy designing the logo actually is.

Listen to what your designer has to say, he knows what he is doing pretty better than you or anyone else.

4) Feedbacks Are Welcomed by Experts, Impositions Can Become Really Exhaustive

We understand that you are paying for the logo which you are getting designed. And, to get the logo designed the way you desire is definitely your choice! You want things changed, provide feedback.

When the next time, you and your designer are sitting with each other discussing other important stuff, and you want things to look different within your brand logo, bring strong rationales and counter-rationales to the table. Make your logo designer understand where you think changes are sufficiently required. Why? Because impositions can really mess up the designers' mind.

Here’s the thing! Not all designers are extroverted. Actually, a major number of these fellows are introverted in nature and kind of a little sensitive. When you approach to them logically, they won’t only understand your query but also deliver something that will definitely exceed your expectations.

But, just in case, if you start imposing or ordering them around, the results will eventually reverse.  

5) If You Can’t Be Patient, then Don’t Hire Them. Do it Yourself Using a Logo Maker.

The key to getting a remarkable custom logo design for your digital brand is having patience. Just in case, if you can’t be patient or you are always too anxiously impatient, then I recommend you not to hire them.

A good logo designer requires his creative juices to flow in order to deliver you something impeccable. When you will rush things up, it will impact on your logo quality and eventually trickle that negative impact down your entire business. Hence, you need to stay patient and give the designer his space to explore.

So take some time out and set deadlines which are achievable. Create achievement milestones for your designer so he/she can achieve them and deliver those results quickly and so you can review them.

Then just in case, if changes are required, then you can ask them to do it. Don’t get impatient.

6) Feed Your Logo Designer with a Lot of Company’s Background Information

Don’t think that your logo design knows everything about you or your company. Yes, you can expect them to perform thorough research on their own, but they surely can’t assemble everything important in one go.

Hence, it is your responsibility to provide every bit of knowledge required to create a logo for your designer. Help them understand the value you wish to create from your website so they can add it to logo.

A well-learned logo designer can create some remarkable logo designs for your business, then one that you may have never seen before. It will also assist them with creating variations for you to decide the best.

So these are six important things that you as a client need to understand before you hire a logo designer for your brand or service. Just in case, if you haven’t given them a thought, now might be the time.

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