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VBA stands for Visual Basic for Applications. VBA is an integration of Microsoft’s event- driven programming language visual basic with applications of Microsoft Office Applications, for example, MS Excel.

VBA stands for Visual Basic for Applications. VBA is an integration of Microsoft’s event-

driven programming language visual basic with applications of Microsoft Office

Applications, for example, MS Excel.

VBA allows the user to automatize the applications offered by Excel such as doing

calculations, generating reports, fabricating graphs and charts. Macro is another term that

dictates the activity of automation. The entire process helps clients to save time behind

repeating the same steps. This segment is the occurrence of Microsoft event driven-

programming language Visual Basic6 which is related to the integrated development

environment. This event driven-program language is mainly used in the applications of MS

Excel, MS-Word and MS-Access. If you want to do a VBA Online Certification Course. You can check it out.

Visual basics for applications allows the user to build user-identified function, automating the

process and accessing Windows API and for functionality related to low-key, it is done

through dynamic link libraries. Visual basic applications can be used for different sets of

segments related to hosting applications, including manipulation of features of different user

interfaces. It gives users the opportunity to customize beyond what is offered by MS Office

host applications. It is used to command the computer to initiate an action or set of actions,

therefore it is an event-driven tool. Hence pursuing this would build custom macros—short

for macroinstructions by giving the command and into the editing module.

A macro is considered a very crucial sequence of characters whose allocated results in a

different sequence of characters that completes particular computing tasks. Until and unless

the user doesn’t have a minimum MS Office 2010, they may not have to purchase this

software separately.

How to VBA?

VBA allows the users to perform many myriad functions, the performed functions are beyond

what is offered in simple word processing and spreadsheets functions within MS office

applications. VBA has helped the users to make frequent everyday tasks less repetitive with

the help of Macros. They are utilised for any sort of tasks from customising charts to data

processing functions. There are multiple professions where clients use VBA and Macros

based on their need.

The techniques of this programming are important for the customisation of applications and

solutions offered by these applications. The most important part of this programming is that

the user doesn’t have to install visual basic on the PC. Moreover, installing MS office will

assist them to achieve visual basic based on the requirements. VBA can be used in all the

versions offered by Microsoft, from MS office 97 to MS office 2019, anyhow this

programming is very popular in MS Excel, usually called Excel VBA. The foremost

importance of this programming is to build powerful tools in MS Excel using linear



Common applications of VBA macros

Inserting a text string

Sometimes the user needs to write the company’s name into worksheets, therefore, to save

time, the user can develop macros that extend this concept as far as you like. The macro

would automatically type a list on the user’s behalf.


Automating a task

If the client has to make a month-end sale report for the company, then the user can develop

the VBA to do it for him/her. Macro will automatically complete the task on their behalf.

Automating repetitive operations

If the user has to operate the same operations on different workbooks, then creating a VBA

will do it on their own. Once the user records the macro doing it for the first time and the

macro will follow the procedure to complete the rest of the workbook.

Custom command

Many times, the user needs to issue the same sequence of the command for Excel. To save

time, the user should again develop a macro that would combine all the commands into a

single custom command which is operated by a single keystroke and button click.

Custom toolbar button

The users can also customize Excel’s menus with their commands that execute macros

created by them.

Creating a simplified front end

This segment is very important for users, many of them do not use the advanced features of

Excel or they are inexperienced when it comes to Excel. Although using VBA will allow

them to be a little productive and perform some of the useful tasks.

Developing new worksheet functions

There are many complex formulas in Excel and it is a tough job to simplify them without

VBA functions. Even though Excel has many inbuilt features offered by Microsoft Office but

VBA gives the window for custom worksheet functions that can simplify the formula. It will

be astonishing how simple it will be!

Micro-driven applications

If the user is willing to spend some time, then VBA can be used for major applications or

large-scale applications with custom dialogue boxes, onscreen help and lots of functions.

Custom add-ins

Many features are associated with Excel but VBA macros make sure that users are usually

familiar with some add-in features come along with Excel except the basic functions.

As we are familiar that MS Excel itself offers loads of inbuilt functions and options to

simplify the basic calculations, although the inbuilt and basic functions would not help in

complex calculations. Therefore, to mainstream the high-level calculations, VBA is

considered more productive for the better and potential outcome.



Users need to follow up the course of VBA in professional life since it helps them stay

updated with the technology. Many organisations and business update themselves with

technology for effective survival. And to keep them updated they enrol the management

software such as VBA in Excel.


We know that there is competition everywhere, hence this training would give you an edge

over the employees so that the user can perform better and increase their productivity. The

applications of this software will help the users to fix all the problems associated with these

tools and area.

Since Microsoft Excel has many limitations but VBA tries to channelize most of them, it

makes it easier to perform based on functions offered by this programme.


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