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It will keep your space cool without using electricity. Its high-quality extra-large honeycomb cooling pad makes sure about the cool air flow in substantial quantity.

Samsung Air Conditioner is one of those appliances that keep the temperature cool during the right time of warm summer. Unlike air conditioners, you can keep the door and windows open to get better service. Producers are introducing new technologies in their version. Samsung has launched a fresh air purifier model.


This is a rechargeable air purifier version. It will keep your space cool without using electricity. Its high-quality extra-large honeycomb cooling pad makes sure about the cool air flow in substantial quantity. New Technology brushless motor that conserves over 50% electricity and maintains the electricity bill minimum level. Additionally, you'll set the timer's operating time, and then the particular time cooler mechanically went to the final mood.


Compare to the other version of the air conditioner, its water storage capacity is low. In addition to the body, construction could have been better, and most importantly, watts' use is greater than the ordinary model of an air conditioner. Besides, you may not have this item easily as with other brands.


This is a futuristic features foundation model of the air conditioner. It has all of the qualities to keep you cool at the time of the hot and humid summer, and you may have this merchandise at your nearest appliances market.

Outlook and Layout

This is an ordinary tower shape model of the air conditioner with a big fan in the plan's front. To hold the ground tightly, stand are given, and to control this air conditioner's operating system, the digital display is available. A water level indicator is shown to understand the open water from the tank. At the bottom of the construction, wheels are awarded to move the model from 1 place to another.

The total body is made from durable plastic stuff, and its real dimension is (35.5 x 17.5 x 13.5) inches, which permits you to easily place the version at your required place.

Cooling Features and water storage capability

Keep the door and windows available at the time of using the air conditioner. Samsung ac price in Bangladesh will bring organic air to your room. It easy mechanism of water; fan and engine have enough power to supply cool air at your place in the time of hot and humid summer. Its airflow capability is 450 M3/H and can flow until 20 feet, and its maximum fan speed is 10m/s. These acts are great enough to offer a trendy feeling at the time of the sexy summer. Besides, it can control the level of humidity level of your room up to 90%. It can balance the humidity level in the warm season.

Most importantly, it's an extra-large honeycomb cooling pad known for its efficient extra cooling abilities. At the time of extremely hot weather, you can utilize an ice cube. That will give you truly feel like an air conditioner.

This air conditioner uses 2 liters of water per hour and has a water storage capability of 14 liters. So you will receive continuous support of seven hours. Regardless of where you are in your area, you'd readily get the feel of a cool air conditioner with the help of an oscillation system.

Futuristic Characteristics

This product is the ideal combination of modern technologies with durability. The current characteristics of AC price in Bangladesh are given below.

Rechargeable: One of the largest characteristics of this merchandise is a rechargeable system. It has a strong battery inside the body that can hold the energy for an extended time. Thus you might also use this appliance at the time of no power. It can back return up to 3 hours that's quite remarkable.

Extra-large Honeycomb cooling pad: high-quality extra-large honeycomb cooling pad can maintain the water for a longer time. Its atmosphere death pocket eliminates dust and germs in the air and gives you fresh air.

Long-distance Remote controller: The minicomputer level control panel has been given to restrain this air purifier's qualities with the help of remote control from long distance.

New Technology brushless motor, which saves more than 50% of electricity, is famous for its durability and power generating ability. It can save as much as 50% power. So it will play a large role at the close of the month.

Automatic 4-way swing: Its automobile four-way oscillation systems would be spared the atmosphere in the four directions and ensure free airflow.

Timer 1-8 Hours: with the help of a timer, you can set running time. After reaching that time, the cooling machine will automatically go into the shutdown mood. One of 1 to 8 hours, you can select your preferred one. So at the time of sleep, you may remain tension free about off and on.

Three hours Backup: today, load shedding has grown into one of our society's major issues. In this time, any believe rechargeable become demandable. This air purifier version has a powerful battery that could generate electricity and give back up for 3 hours.

Humidity Lower than 90 percent: air conditioner sometimes cab be irritating to utilize, especially in the time of wet session when humidity level stays top of this mark, but in the case of this air purifier, it may minimize the level of humidity up to 90 percent. In the dry season, the weather remains hot and humid and drier to depart on the opposing side. That situation needs to get a sufficient level of humidity in the air.

Purify air by Generating anion: combined with honey pad cooling press, it's air purifying machine. This system creates anion, eliminates all the dust and particles from the atmosphere, and provides clarity and fresh air.

Box has been given for utilizing ice in the tank. That would make sure about the cool air in the time of extra hot weather. This box has adequate space to conserve over six pieces of ice cube at a time.

All the aforementioned Mentioning features have made Midea ac price in BD more attractive and user-friendly to use. This item would give you a fresh experience of using an air conditioner.

Electrical Attributes

This is not an air conditioner; therefore, it is clear that you must not require an extra powerful electrical line to run this product. At the same time, the electricity bill will be staying at a durable level. You can easily conduct Whirlpool ac price in BD with a normal voltage of 220V to 230V with a standard frequency of 50 Hz. This air purifier consumes just 120w. Thus you might not need to worry much regarding the power bill at the end of the month.

Availability and Price

Samsung is a new brand in our national market. Thus you might not have inverter ac at all the appliances showrooms, but you might have this product at the supermarket and have few dealers in our nation.

The price of the appliance consistently does matter. Compare to the specified characteristics price of this product is reasonable. According to me, this is a Wonderful air purifier version of ne Samsung brand. In case you have enough budgets, you can keep this item on your air conditioner selection list. Now it is your decision. Justify all of the aforementioned Mentioning features and create your judgment. Appliance in your room and enjoy the trendy in the time of hot and humid summer.

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