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Cost And Inspections Of Renowned Samsung AC

Samsung Air Conditioner is a new model of an air conditioner with futuristic features and simple to operate. It is a durable plastic body made 8 liters water storage capability base air purifier version.

Samsung Air Conditioner affordable price with an appealing layout and organic way to generate the surrounded environment suitable to live through hot summer has made air conditioner demandable to the user. This attractive cooling machine isn't just effective at making the space temperature cool but also accountable to produce the room prognosis beautiful.

Samsung Air Conditioner is a new model of an air conditioner with futuristic features and simple to operate. It is a durable plastic body made 8 liters water storage capability base air purifier version. Double ton white and red color has made Samsung Air Conditioner from ordinary.

A number of those Key features of AC price in BD are provided below.


- Together with an appealing color Combination, this product is made of durable plastic stuff. Its sophisticated design allows setting this product at any location of the space comfortably.

- Regardless of where you are in your room. Its four manners air hurling capability finds you readily.

- It does ensure a broad distance of area with Air throwing capacity of 20 ft and covers nearly 180 SFT readily.

- Cooling rate-controlling system is given to produce the alteration of the cooling by your requirement during summertime.

- Unlike traditional synthetic cooling Pad, this product has a modern honeycomb cooling press to pass the atmosphere smoothly.

- At the right time of extreme sexy.

- Besides guide control panel to make Adjustment to this setting, a remote control is also given. Therefore you can modify the atmosphere from any part of your room quite comfortably.


- Water storage capacity is adequate. Enough to provide long term services.

- As it is an air conditioner model. Therefore it will not cover your room correctly.

Design and Measurement

Samsung air conditioner price in Bangladesh is a standard tower shape design with a doubleton white and crimson color combined version with an LED screen at the front for creating the alteration of the atmosphere. Aside from giving a water indicator line for getting the idea about available water in the water reserve tank, the power indicator light will help you with this conditioner's running position. At the front, conditioner windows are provided with four manners of atmosphere casting alternative. The complete body is made of durable plastic stuff with an innovative layout, which could be easily set at the corner of the space comfortably. This appealing, colorful room appliance model won't only maintain your surrounded environment appropriate to stay but also look after your room outlook. At the bottom of the conditioner, four wheels can help you transfer the osmosis from one spot to another quickly.

Cooling Attributes

Midea ac price in Bangladesh is an air conditioner with a water storage capability of 8 gallons. However, the quantity of water is insufficient to give you support for a long time but good enough to feel you cold for almost 6 or 7 hours. Generally, the air conditioner does use the most natural way to keep the temperature in check. The air conditioner receives the air from the character and passing through cooling. The total cooling cycle works by honeycomb cooling pad, which is famous for easy cooling operating purposes.

Additionally, its small hole removes the dust and flow fresh and clean air to space. To get a good cooling effect to maintain the trendy in the open area. This Samsung Air Conditioner has 1000 M3 / Hr. Air delivery capacity and cover nearly 120 SFT and its atmosphere throwing ability if near approximately 20 feet. You can also change the degree of cooling by three rate level cooling controller by your requirement. Overall this is a fantastic enough cooling appliance to keep your location cool during the hot summer.

Accessible Cooling features

This is a modern appliance with cinch features to operate. All the accessible features of cooling are given below.

ICE room: You can give ice blocks in the ice room for getting more warmth in the time of extreme humid and hot weather.

Water level Indicator: it's essential to understand the available water in the tank. With the index's support, you'll find an idea about the open water in the tank.

Timer: you can place cooling with the support of a timer. One of the 7 hours, you'll be able to select some of them. When reaching the setting time, the power connection will be moved to the shout down mood.

Dura-pump Technology: This is a modern technology-based air conditioner. It makes sure about the smooth airflow at the space and gives you cold and warm weather during the hot summer.

Complete Function Remote: With remote control assistance, it's possible to function the work from any portion of the room. You can even alter the attributes manually from the electronic display control panel, which is provided on the structure's peak.

Oscillation System: due to having an oscillation system. Air will be reached at the corner of this space. Therefore you will receive proper cold air from any corner of the room. Here are four ways of the cooling system. That makes sure in regards to the proper flow of cold air.

Speed Controller: There is 3 level of speed available. You could adjust the degree of a cooling system based on your requirement.

Electric Features

Air conditioner is a low power consuming cooling machine. You may smoothly run this machine together with the standard voltage of 220V to 230v with a frequency of 50Hz. This modern attributes base modern cooling Whirlpool ac price in Bangladesh utilize 80 watts. Therefore at the end of the month, will power bill will stay within the budget.

Cost and Accessibility

Samsung is a renowned brand all around the local market. Alongside having many showrooms, they’ve traders also. Therefore you could quickly get inverter ac price in Bangladesh at your nearest home and kitchen appliance showrooms of Transcom Digital.

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