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Delivery Pigeon Launches The Most Affordable Delivery Service in Kolkata

Kolkata based startup, Delivery Pigeon has recently launched the most affordable delivery service via its mobile app on the iOS and Android platform and the website.

Delivery Pigeon, a Kolkata based startup, has recently launched the most affordable delivery service via its mobile app on the iOS and Android platform and the website. The company is mainly offering low cost delivery service for the users in Kolkata. Orders can be made online via their website as well as the mobile apps and the delivery turnaround time is 3 hours.

Delivery Pigeon is head quartered in the heart of the city and is offering all types of pickup and drop services including foods, medicines, parcels, gifts, documents, etc including multipoint delivery options. “Have to pick up or dropoff items? Want to send gifts to your friends and family? Clothes are given for altering but no time to collect them? Celebration at your home and want to share sweets and food. Don't worry! Delivery Pigeon is at your service,” this is how the owner of Delivery Pigeon explains his business.

As for now, Delivery Pigeon mainly offers their delivery service within Kolkata only and is known for offering the best quality and fast delivery service at a very low-price. “We pick and drop from anywhere around the city and deliver it to your desired destination/s all from the comfort of your home. Our delivery cost is 25% lower than others,” says the owner of the company.

The website will offer users the basic features, including the ability to create a delivery order within 3 steps. The company has a friendly customer support system and the customers can contact the support staffs via their mobile apps and website. Apart from enabling the user to place an order on the go, the mobile apps have some advanced features like checking pickup/drop status, easy payment, rate the delivery etc.

“Delivery Pigeon Customer App is for customers who are looking to place orders for seamless deliveries. The procedure for delivery is made easy and secure, without going through any hassles,” added the owner of Delivery Pigeon.

About Delivery Pigeon:

Delivery Pigeon is committed to revolutionizing the logistics industry by providing fast and precision level service to one and all. Delivery Pigeon has a diligent team of professionals who are all dedicated to the procedure of delivering the orders placed by our customers. We are always looking out to accept delivery agents who would like to be a part of our team at Delivery Pigeon. The ideal qualities we look for in our agents is diligence and a never-say-die attitude.

Delivery Pigeon Kolkata Media Contact:

Delivery Pigeon

2/3 J. C. Road , Kolkata – 700027

Phone: +91 74396 68132


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