Drip Content- Study about one of MemberPress’s Killer Traits.

Drip Content: Study about one of MemberPress’s Killer Traits.

Today, we are going to examine the distinct traits of this plugin that makes it robust. In the end, you will have the correct data about this tool to create a versed option. Let us get right to our MemberPress Drip Content analysis.

Managing a membership website is as simple as it looks. When you need to set up one, you have to set it directly. This will help you serve from your enterprise, company, or society. Failure to do so will point to the loss of recurring profit. This refers to your orders and other member sites. Managing a website needs efficient tools and plugins. One of these plugins is the MemberPress plugin. This is the best tool to help you monitor and work your member site suitably.

Content Dripping Trait of Memberpress

One of the best traits of this tool is content dripping. This is where the user issues guarded content to members at various set times. The Drip trait makes it simpler for users to use their own rules when excluding content. This refers to any restricted content comprising videos, articles, and audio.

The Drip trigger has various options which can be obtained from left to right:

  • First Drop Down – In this drop-down, you must access any whole number that matches the second drop-down.
  • Second Drop Down – In this part, pick either day(s), week(s), month(s), or year(s).
  • Third Drop Down – The third drop-down lets picking the event that triggers the drip.
  • Member registers – This where you enter the time where a member lists on your site, ignoring the level.
  • Fixed date – Here, you need to join the date you set your drip. There is an extra box on the right side when selected.
  • Member purchases rule – Members who have purchased goods or subscriptions will access a set of rules here – ‘Rule Options.’
  • Member purchases – You require to enter the name as a new member here after buying the membership. For all member levels built on your site, a complex choice will be made.

Reporting Users of Drip Content

PresentlyPresently, there is no point in triggering emails to inform members of dripped content. Users can render their workflow with multiple email marketing add-ons. To verify whether MemberPress holds your email marketing add-on, contact its support instantly.

You can use MailChimp, for case, to automate your workflow. This is done by placing up an Automated Workflow. This motorization lets you set your first trigger when a member engages up. You can also set it later they subscribe to your assistance. If you feel that the method is confused, contact the MailChimp help center quickly.

Its alliance with MailChimp lets users add members to the list after subscribing. This refers to 

explicit members or any of your member websites. This makes it simple for you to give emails to users when there is drip content. To assure that this works, just set up the alliance precisely. After that, build an Automation Workflow in MailChimp, and join drip triggers to your courses.


To fully avail yourself from your member website and boost your income, you need the MemberPress plugin. With its multiple traits and simplicity, you have a simple time handling your member website. Some of the essential points are content drip and the termination characteristic.


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