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Easiest Way to Recover VBA file Password!

In this blog, we have described the best methods for VBA password recovery, recovering the VBA password can be a tough task, however with these methods you can easily recover VBA file password without any issue.

How to Recover VBA file Password?

Searching for the tool that easily performs VBA Password Recovery in the crucial time? This article is all about this in detail users have to go through it. 

Many users protect their VBA document with the password to ensure its safety. It is very normal to take possession of someone else's Excel document in the offices. As if one wants to look or edit one's work that's inherent to the spreadsheet then he has to remove the password first. Users can do this easily by referring to this article. The article contains the process to remove the password protection (VBA password remover) from a VBA document. 


VBA Password Recovery via Manual Procedure

  1.  Procedure To Select The Password

-First in Excel, move to the Developer tab and tap Macros.

-If the user didn’t find the Developer tab then, visit File > Options and Customize Ribbon. Then, visit the Developer command group from the left pane over to the right.

- When the user picks Macros in the Developer tab. Then, enter a name for the user’s macro then tap Create.

- Now, in the Visual Basic Editor try to copy and paste the following code. This macro will enter the quoted text into the cell A1. Although it has no purpose, users need to protect themselves with a password.

- Move to the Protection tab and set a password. Users should inspect the box labeled Lock project for viewing purposes.

- Then, tap OK, to store Excel documents as an XLSM file, and also review if the password works or not. Now, close the document and open it again, then go to the Developer tab and tap Visual Basic.

So now, whenever users will try to access the relevant VBAProject, they will face a password prompt. So, let’s proceed to know the procedure to eliminate this protection.


2. Procedure To Remove A Password: VBA Password Remover

One has to perform this part with extra care so read the instructions carefully.  

- First, download a hex editor. If a user doesn’t have it then try freeware HxD. or they can prefer other alternatives. 

The procedure depends on the file type. To simplify it, if the user wants to open a password in an older XLS file or a new XLSM file. If the user wants to work with the previous file, then the user can skip the next section.


3. Compose the XLSM File

Users have to perform extra work before eliminating a password from an XLSM file. Search on the hard drive, add a new name, and attach .zip in the end.

- Now, open it with archive compression software such as WinRAR or 7-Zip. Users should locate a folder labeled xl.

- Now,  in this folder, search the file with the name vbaProject.bin.

- Finally, take out this file and open it with the Hex Editor.


4. Turn-off The Password

Now, set up a password in a convenient manner to do VBA password recovery. 

- Generate a dummy Excel document and attach a macro into it. Then, the user can adjust a password as mentioned above in the article. After that, take the Hex code that stipulates the term password is. Then, insert it into the file which the user wants to access.

- After the file is set up, save it, and operate the same process that we performed. That will turn-out another vbaProject.bin file and also try to remember the password.

- As users possess both vbaProject.bin files which are open in the Hex Editor. Avoid mixing them together or the user will end up with big problems.

- Utilize Ctrl + F in the file that the user generates to locate the following string:


This is the kick-off of the code that stipulates the existing password. Users require to copy and paste three values:




- Now, users can migrate this code over to the other vbaProject.bin file. Set it in the corresponding position, and avoid deleting anything else. Users can save their edited hex file.

- Next,  delete the native vbaProject.bin file from the document we want to eliminate the protections from. Now, replace this with an edited vbaProject.bin file, then alter its filename back from .zip to .xlms or .xls.

- Now, open up the file in Excel. Visit the Developer tab and tap Visual Basic, and make sure to access the Project menu. Users should view the password prompt, then, correct passwords should be set up in the dummy document.

Excel VBA Password Recover can be done easily by using this manual approach. If the attempt fails then it indicates the corruption in the XLS or XLSX files. Users have to fix these files first. For resolving this issue, they can use the third-party tool.

Users can use Excel Recovery to perform the quick recovery from corrupt XLS and XLSX files. The software also offers the Free Excel File Recovery along with Preview Option.


Wrap up-

This blog contains information associated with VBA password recovery. Users can use the manual trick as it is convenient to perform. Although it also shows the loophole in the security available in Excel.  Users are free to use the direct VBA password remover method. If they didn’t want to perform the manual trick then they can prefer the alternative tool.

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