problem attaching files in Gmail

Easy Ways to Get Rid of Gmail Attachment Issue

When you see an attachment issue in your Gmail account, so you can look at simple steps.

One of the best emailing platforms around the globe is Google mail, more commonly known as Gmail. It has one of the best user interfaces along with tons of great filters and features. But just like every other thing, it has its flaws. Read the blog till the end to solve the attachment issues of Gmail with relative ease.

Steps to fix Can't Open Attachments in Gmail Error

  • You need to make sure that you do not exceed the attachment limit as it may lead to Gmail errors. The emailing platform allows a total of 25 MB when it comes to attachments. The email service allows restricts the sending of executable files that end with. EXE and only a handful of web browsers support this platform and are compatible with it. The major ones being Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge, and Safari.
  • A basic internet connection may restrict you from getting your hands on all the advanced features of Gmail as it cannot be accessed with a slow internet connection which is why you need to make sure that you have a strong and stable internet connection as that may also fix this "there were errors attaching your Gmail file error". You can do so either by getting a new network connection or by contacting your service provider to fix the current connection.
  • In case you have too many browser extensions on your device, it may be a possibility that one of those extensions is interfering with the email platform which is why you are unable to attach files with your email. You can fix this issue by using incognito mode. If the error is fixed, one of your extensions was at fault and you can identify the one at fault by disabling half of the extensions up until the one at fault is left.
  • You can even try to use the mobile app in case the attachment issue is occurring on your desktop. It may be possible that you might be using an old version of the platform or may be of the device's operating system.
  • You need to clear the browser cache and data as that may help with many browser-related issues along with fixing this error. You can easily do this when it comes to desktops as there is a shortcut to clear the browser cache in case you are using Chrome. As per the mobile users, you can do the same as cleaning the cache will optimize the overall functioning. All you need to do is to sign in again to allow sync which is quite easy to do.
  • The browser might be at fault here as it has been seen that many users, when switched to a different browser were able to solve this problem. The device may have some corrupted files which can also cause this issue so we suggest you use a suitable uninstaller so you can fresh without any corrupted files or outdated versions.
  • You can also try to check if the files that you are trying to attach are not corrupted as that may also lead to this error. Also, make sure of the fact that you allow storage permission so you can access files and attach them with mails.

You can use these steps to solve this error with relative ease. For more info, you may visit the Google help center. You can also visit the Online Geeks website for answers to your queries.

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