How Do I Migrate Email from Office 365?

Migrate data from Office 365 account.

Office 365 migration procedure is performed to transfer data from the account of the Office 365 into other applications. Office 365 application contains many features and advanced sections through which users can manage their email data without any issue. But most of the users are maintain their data into various other applications so that they can prevent their data from loss errors. Sometimes users want to know the exact solution to the query that is how do I migrate email from Office 365 application and transfer the into required account of another application.

So, in this discussion, we will understand the working procedure of the Office 365 Converter tool which is completely compatible with this kind of technical migration process through some simple steps. Any user can operate this utility without technical assistance.

Benefits of Automated Tool to Migrate Emails from Office 365 App

With the use of this advanced tool, you can easily understand how do I migrate email from Office 365 application into various applications like Gmail, G Suite, Exchange Server,, Hosted Exchange Server, and other cloud-based email applications. This software contains all features and sections which may help you to process the Office 365 data according to your need. It provides filtration options through which you can perform the Office 365 migration process as per the required date range and other header filters like from, to and subject.

The steps of this software to migrate Office 365 data related to each other and has sufficient efficiency to migrate all Office 365 data through the single-time processing way. This software can transfer selected Office 365 account data with the same view as they appeared before the process of migration. No emails can be saved in the utility and cannot save login credentials which is entered in the software.

Steps to Know How Do I Migrate Email from Office 365

Step 1. Install the software that is Office 365 Converter on the computer system to start the Office 365 Migration process.

Step 2. From the first window of this utility, you have to choose that application (Office 365) from which all data will be transferred into other applications by the use of the Select Email Source section. Now, enter the login credentials of the selected application account.

Step 3. Then through the utilization of the Backup section which provides options to select the desired destination application. It provides Gmail, G Suite, Exchange, Hosted Exchange Server,, Yahoo, IMAP, etc. as destination application and after that fill all required information for such selected application.

Step 4. Now, the tool enables the Options for Selective Backup, you can choose desired filtration options through which you can migrate only required data from the Office 365 application.

Step 5. Click on the Backup tab to start the process of Office 365 migration and then wait for the migration procedure completion message window.

With the above migration steps, you can understand how do I migrate email from Office 365 account into the desired application. This advanced tool allows users to perform this migration process on any Windows OS as it can work on Win 10, Win 8.1, Win 8, Win 7, Win XP, Win Vista, and all remaining Windows OS. With the utilization of this utility, you can also perform Office 365 tenant to tenant migration procedure as it provides options to select Office 365 as the destination account.


From the above discussion, each user of the Office 365 application can understand the process to migrate email from Office 365 application without any data loss. You can get an overview of the tool through the help of its free edition and take better understand the processing way of the software. For the whole Office 365 migration procedure, you have to get the licensed version of the tool through which you can easily perform a complete migration process.

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