Almost all website owners have a desire to save money and do without professional optimizers. Better to promote your site for free, while achieving the most positive results.


Almost all website owners have a desire to save money and do without professional optimizers. Better to promote your site for free, while achieving the most positive results.

The question arises: Is it possible to promote the site on your own?

Can. If you are ready to work on your own website promotion, then today it is much more realistic to promote your site for free than ever before. Since modern SEO is already a whole range of activities, and not just technical optimization of a site for the search and purchase of temporary links on link exchanges, the main thing is to know what exactly and how to do it correctly.

Free website promotion is feasible if you do the following yourself:

  1. Perform internal site optimization.
  2. Engage in content marketing on a regular basis. 
  3. Get involved in social networks ( SMM promotion ).
  4. Link building (external optimization) purchasing backlinks to your site.
  5. Drive traffic, improve PFs (behavioral factors) and boost site trust.

Let's take a closer look at these


The goal is the top positions of the site in organic search results, be it Yandex or be it Google:


The most important thing is to optimize the site, customize it in accordance with all the requirements of search engines. It is important to understand that internal optimization without external development of the site will not be complete and effective, and vice versa, the development of a site without internal settings will not allow the site to rise in the search results.

Here are some things to do:

  • Install such free services as Google Analytics and Yandex Metrica.
  • Add the resource to the panel of webmasters Google Webmasters Tools and Webmaster Yandex.
  • Create an XML map and robots.txt file, and upload everything to the root folder of the site.
  • Define the main site mirror and set up a 301 redirect.
  • Hide duplicate pages from indexing and adjust the Canonical URL. 
  • In <title>, write a summary of the pages.
  • For all pages, write unique, non-repeating meta descriptions. 
  • Improve Heading Tags (H-headers).
  • For internal page addresses, write human-readable URLs.
  • Check for 404 errors for non-existent pages.
  • Use only reliable and stable hosting.
  • Create a semantic core for your site.


Create a blog (news, articles) on the site and regularly fill it with content. Your resource content should be:

  • interesting;
  • high quality;
  • unique; 
  • informative; 
  • creative; 
  • grammatically correct; 
  • useful in your niche for visitors.

The uniqueness of the content can be checked by various resources, for example, using

Remember! Your site should be talked about! If you want to publish a new article, then you must be sure that it is the most useful and needed article in your industry. If you doubt the usefulness and originality of the article, then it is better not to post it at all, since it will not only not help, but also harm.

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Promote your website through social media by developing relationships with your target audience. To do this, connect the site to social networks and connect the Disqus commenting system, which will allow you to easily track all comments and quickly answer questions asked.

Big 9:

  • Twitter. Links from Twitter are highly ranked by the Google search engine. In addition, this microblogging provides excellent traffic with a fairly small number of bounces, due to a more mature and knowledgeable audience.
  • Facebook today is the main social network in the promotion, which is quite popular in the society of marketers and intellectuals.
  • YouTube is a social network that allows you to easily distribute video content with a link to your website.
  • SlideShare is a great resource for creating and hosting infographics and presentations.
  • Pinterest is a great tool for posting various interesting ideas with charts and graphs.
  • VKontakte is the youngest social network and provides its share of the traffic.
  • Google+ provides more opportunities for optimization in Google search results, especially for brand queries. 
  • Instagram is the easiest way to post different images and photos, such as new product line items.
  • LinkedIn can generate additional traffic as well as increase trust in the company.

Update posts regularly and make them more attractive with interesting images and video files. SMM will definitely give a positive return in the form of natural link mass.


He's external optimization. How to attract free backlinks?

For this you need:

  • Guest marketing. Agree with the owners of blogs and sites with relevant topics to your site about the placement of guest articles with a backlink to your site, or exchange articles. 
  • Crowd marketing. Spread information about your site and make useful links to it in the process of communication on various Internet resources (blogs, forums) with the relevant topics for your site. Only useful links will be effective, and meaningless links that do not answer the question will only get in the way.
  • Communicate actively with your audience : answer questions, help users, give them useful recommendations and advice.

Where can you find the right resources for all this? First of all, analyze the sites of competitors and see where they get sites. Use

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Link building is an ongoing process. That is, constantly accumulate them. Backlinks should be diverse, that is, have different donors and different link anchors. Do not use exact match anchors as you may get caught in the filter. It is better to dilute the anchors and make them as natural as possible for search engines.

Anchor is the link text. Link anchors are:

  • Anchorless. For example, in the form of the URL of a page that links to the source. 
  • Business anchors. In the form of a commercial key request.
  • Branded. In the form of your brand.
  • As an image.
  • Mixed (key + brand).

Recommended link profile structure:

  • 5% - links from very popular and authoritative resources;
  • 25% - from the resources of your niche that are relevant to you;
  • 70% are the rest of the links from forums, blogs, social networks, comments, etc.


Note that Yandex has almost completely abandoned the consideration of paid unnatural links, while Google still takes them into account, but only very high-quality links corresponding to the topic.

To increase traffic and PF, do not forget regularly:

  • Update site content.
  • Work on the usability of the site. 
  • Increase your conversion rate.
  • Add new articles and new pages of services provided.
  • Add additional services, such as a cost calculator. 
  • Show that there are real people on your site.
  • Control that backlinks are trafficable.
  • Create internal links relevant to the topic.

To increase the site's trust:

  • Register your site in thematic directories.
  • Mark the resource on Google, Yandex and Wikimapia maps. 
  • Submit site-linked articles to Wikipedia. 
  • Make your site a klondike of utility. 

Website promotion in organic is a long process, so be patient and do not rush so as not to do such stupid things as using black links, autofollowing, copy-paste, uninteresting content and unnecessary links.

The page you are promoting should be much better and more useful than the pages in the TOP 5. Remember that only regular and painstaking work on the site will give good growth.

It is important to understand that the process of website promotion is quite long, especially with free methods. Therefore, if you want to achieve quick results, then you need active complex promotion, for this, contact the pros.


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