Reset Google Account Password

How to Reset Google Account Password

If you want to know How to Reset Google Account Password? then read the blog to get the complete information about How to Reset Google Account Password.

One Google account for all of the services from Google—makes your Google account ID and password very significant in keeping access to Google. At times, you may need to reset Google account password to get access to emails, docs, sheets, Google analytics, etc. Instant Help Zilla is here to help you with the simplest steps to resolve Google password reset. 

Reset Google Account Password

The Easiest Steps to Reset Google Account Password


1. Access the Google account recovery console by clicking on the link to reset Google account password

2. Enter your complete Google email, whether it is a free Gmail or G-Suite account.

3. In the next screen, Google asks you to enter the last known password for the Google account.

4. This is security verification and if you are able to confirm that, you will see the next screen where you can reset Google account password.

5. If you do not remember the last used password, click on “Try Another Way.”

6. Google will try the phone-based text authentication if you had set up a phone with a Google account. 

7. If you do not have the phone on you or never linked the phone with Google, click on “I don’t have my phone.”

8. Here, Google will again try to authenticate you through recovery email verification. A code will go to the recovery email and from there you can authenticate the Google account. Afterward, you may reset Google account password.  

9. If you keep clicking on “Try another way,” you will see authentication through mobile phone, answering security questions, and contacting Google support if the website offers the option to you. 




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