How to Resolve Microsoft Outlook Error Codes?

The outlook is a famous information manager software that provides emailing, task manager, note-taking, journal logging, contact managing etc.

It is a reliable software provided by Microsoft but some people face various error codes like [pii_email_b23a0a59d4c5d7d72cba] while sending an email with Outlook.

Most of the Outlook errors can be fixed using a few manual steps. We have mentioned several Outlook which can commonly appear while working on Outlook.


Outlook Connection Error

A user can get the outlook connection error due to invalid entries. When you get the connection error, check the network.

Sometimes the device is not connected to the internet and starts showing connection errors. You can get the issues in connection when you have connected the device to an unsecured internet source.

Users sometimes connect the device to public Wi-Fi. The outlook may restrict the connection on the public network to prevent data theft issues.

Connect the device to a secured internet connection and then try to send an email with Outlook.


The Operation Failed Error Message

This error message appears when you are opening your inbox or sent box. Sometimes you can get this error message while attaching any file to the mail. The operation failed error can appear due to a corrupt Outlook profile. You can fix the error by following the given steps:

  1. Go to the Windows Control Panel

  2. Click on the Mail tab

  3. Go to the Mail setup option

  4. Click on Show profiles

  5. Tap the Add button option

Now create a new Outlook profile and then you have to add your email to that profile. Now open your Outlook account with a new profile and then check for the error.

Sometimes, this error can also appear when the SMTP settings are not configured properly. You need to go to the Outlook settings and configure the Outlook SMTP settings.


Outlook Error Code 2

The error code 2 on Outlook mail occurs when the user has saved the emails in the wrong location. This type of error mostly appears when the user is using multiple email accounts.

For troubleshooting Outlook error code 2, you have to remove the Outlook data files from your account and go to the data files list for adding them again.

Another reason for error code 2 is the invalid Outlook profile. You have to create a new Outlook profile and then add the existing data files to it.


Outlook Error Code 3

Users get the Outlook error code 3 while sending or receiving email. The main reason behind this error is the incorrect outgoing mail server settings.

You need to configure your SMTP server for troubleshooting the error. Here are the steps to configuring your SMTP server:

  1. Open your Outlook mail account

  2. Click on Outlook File 

  3. Go to Account Settings

  4. Select your email account

  5. Click on More settings

  6. Tap the Outlook Server

Choose the My Outlook server requires authentication tab

Select Log on to the incoming server before sending the mail option and hit the Save changes button. Now again try to send an email with your Outlook account and check for error 3 message code.


Outlook Error Code 0x800ccc19

This error code appears when Outlook is getting a connection error. You can resolve this error message by increasing the connection timeout duration. Here are the steps to increase the timeout duration:

  1. Open your Outlook File

  2. Click on the Settings option

  3. Now double-click on the email account 

  4. Navigate to the Settings column

  5. Click on the Advanced option and increase the server timeout duration. 


The Outlook Is Unable to Connect to the Proxy Server

You can get the proxy server related error when the Windows root certificates get outdated. Search for the root certificates on your device and then update them immediately.

After updating the certificates, restart your device and then try to use Outlook. If you are still facing errors related to Outlook email then you should ask the technical team for troubleshooting the error.

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