Introduce your child with art and craft

Introduce your Child with Art and Craft in the Right Way

“Every child is an artist“

Children are curious and are always eager to learn about new things. They tend to engage in various activities that help them in exploring things which impacts their development and growth. This is where art and crafts when combined with imaginative minds can do wonders.

But to promote creativity, a child needs a nudge and boost in the positive and right direction. The right guidance can inspire children to do something more meaningful, this is why we will discuss introducing the art and craft in the right way in accord with the abilities and age of your child.

How to start with

For the very first time, start with simple things like colours and coloured sheets. For a toddler look for the one that easily fits in their hands. Scribbling helps in developing fine motor skills. Here are a few things that you can try out.

- Hand printing or making different prints, using child-safe glue on pasting different papers, tearing, and making a collage out of it. You can even give your child different fabrics or materials for pasting.

- A child going to school is more mature to handle a little more complex craft. They can make cards or bookmarks by using child-safe scissors. They can easily learn tools and get the hang of creating and pasting new and unique craftwork.

- Little older children can learn to sculpt different and unique things with material such as porcelain clay or cardboard. They can learn to make things that can be used to utilize, such as jewellery, vase, photo frames, or pouches. This is the appropriate stage to introduce craft from different cultures or states.

Different ways by which you can introduce art and craft

Introduce craft by making it a part of their favourite story

To start, take up their favourite story to create interest. Take, for instance, if your child likes a story about the fantastic Mr Fox, you can make a fox using disposable plates. Likewise, if your child likes Mickey Mouse or Peppa Pig, you can easily browse for the craft based on them. You can pick easy crafts, to introduce DIY projects for kids.

Focus on your child interest

Every child goes through a phase where they are obsessed with one character, toy, or cartoon. It could be their favourite red car or green pillow, these are such things which they carry all around. This is where encouraging them to make a cardboard car or a new pillow using cotton and fabric can help them in engaging in crafts.

Another way is to ask children to make a scrapbook, where they can paste all the interesting things they find around them or collect pictures or any information they find in their book.

Take help of their experiences

A child learns better when they experience things and this is where mixing these two-experience and craft can be helpful. Like after a visit to a zoo or a marketplace, you can ask them to sketch or make their imaginative zoo.

Different festivals, holidays, or outings can easily work as a topic for doing something more creative and unique.

Use- re-use

Another way of boosting creativity is by introducing your child to make art from waste activity. Like making use of empty plastic bottles or newspapers, encourage them to bring up ideas, and look for creative things they can make with it.

Cans, CDs, bottles, magazines, straw, leaves, sticks, and many other things you can easily find at home, from which your child can make endless things.

To sum up: Do it together

When you engage along with the child in an activity they feel more confident. Ask the child to cut pieces and together make different and imaginative things, decorate it, or better make a story out of it. This will help the child to take keen interest while engaging in such activities.

Art and craft activity can help your child become more imaginative, confident, and give a boost to healthy developments. Give your child a gift of activity boxes to upgrade their skills and engage them in more productive activities.

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