How To Choose The Right School?

Choosing the right school for your child can be a tough decision to make. Even though the quality of education is the most important criteria, the importance of the development of your child’s creative, physical and social skills should not be neglected as this is also a very important aspect of education and needs to be given equal importance.

As a child starts growing, his/ her parents are faced with questions like, which school should they send their child to or which board will be better? This decision is a very important decision to make because choosing the right school can guide the children on a path towards lifelong learning and a successful career. This can be a very anxious time and everyone wants to send their children to the best schools in India. With the rapidly growing number of schools around us (pre-schools, primary and secondary schools), it is not that easy to make a decision. There are many important factors that one should keep in mind to make the right decision. 


It is a good idea to choose a school at a location that is in the vicinity of your house. If that is not possible due to a lack of schools in your area, choose a school such that it does not require you to sway a lot from your daily office route. This will make sure you can drop him off and take him back home without any much trouble. This, in turn, will make sure of the safety of your kid, especially during transit.


It is often a misconception in India that enrolling your children into the most expensive private/international schools only can ensure the best education for their children.

It need not be always true though. There are many reputed public schools across India which are not only a lot cheaper but they also provide a good quality of education to their students.

Parents must keep in mind that education is going to be very expensive in the future also. Therefore, parents need to focus on getting the best value of money, in terms of quality and the all-round development of your child. 

Academic & Extra-Curricular Activities

Parents must ensure that the school they wish to admit their child to, meets the highest standard of excellence, especially in terms of teachers, pedagogy, curriculum, and moral standards.

Apart from academics, extra-curricular activities like sports, art & craft, dance & drama also play a massive role in shaping a child’s personality to a large extent. They can enhance a child’s capacity for learning and also develops his/her intellectual skills. Hence, the existence of the proper facilities and trained staff should also be made sure of.

The Student-Teacher Ratio

Everyone wants to send their children to a school where they are given individual attention. This is achieved by having a low student-teacher ratio. Fewer students per class allow the teacher to give individual attention to each of their students. Research has proven that students learn more and get better grades if they are given individual attention. 1 teacher for every 30-35 students per class is considered to be optimal in good primary/secondary schools. All the Best Schools in India follow this norm.


Cleanliness and hygiene for students should be a major priority, especially after this corona outbreak. Parents should look if out for if the toys and playground are clean and tidy. One must also ensure that the medical facilities are adequate with staff trained in basic life-saving and CPR techniques. Washrooms should be clean and hygienic too. 


Schools are affiliated to different boards. Each board has a different curriculum and system of teaching. Make sure you understand the board philosophy and see if your child is fit for the board. A good academic program should have a practical approach to teaching your child intellectual and social skills.

Another point of consideration can be the use of the latest technology and teaching aids like online classes, etc. One must choose a school that encourages modernity and provides its students with access to modern tools and technologies. The best schools in India provide children access to the best technology and teaching pedagogy.


Discipline should be a strong focus of schools because there is so little of it among the kids these days. A high level of discipline is important so that your child can learn the right values and morals and learn to take responsibility for his/her actions. 

However, make sure that the methods adopted by the schools to induce discipline in its students are civil because if they are not, it can lead to detrimental effects on your child’s understanding and learning capability.


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