Digital Marketing in 2020:

Learn These Three Skills For Effective Digital Marketing in 2020:

Technology has rapidly transformed the marketing industry, sources like Reuters reports that US and UK

Technology has rapidly transformed the marketing industry, sources like Reuters reports that US and UK alone spent over $52 billion on digital marketing efforts that is 44% increase of what they spent the previous year.

Not only this two years before there was a study carried out which indicated that all while all levels of marketing are saturating there is still a big gap between the demand for digital marketing and the supply, showing that there is so much more that an online app design agency or an e-commerce company could do.

This tells us that if you can combine the right set of skills you can become the most in-demand business professionals in the world. But remember as technology is transforming the industry the jobs to be done and the skills required is constantly changing. So let’s take a look at some of the most relevant skills a digital marketer should possess to be on top of their game.

Digital Psychology:

Humans are complicated and emotional creatures, in fact around 95% of our purchase decisions are made subconsciously. So being able to compel and persuade the subconscious mind through online touch points is super powerful for digital marketers.

This relatively new combines normal psychology and behavioral economics to better examine online trends and behaviors. As marketers we generally have a habit of focusing on what our customers are doing but tend to overlook why they are doing it. That is what digital psychology is all about.

For example Amazon uses the concept of price anchoring against recommended retail price to make their prices seem relatively cheap and appealing despite the fact that most of the competition will sell at a price lower than the RRP. Similarly to this purchasing has become a step by step task this way the consumer feels the need to complete the task and they perform it.

Customer Experience:

This has been referred to as the only channel a business truly owns, as markets become more and more saturated and consumer choice becomes more abundant this really is way to differentiate yourself from the competition.

IT has been indicated by numerous studies that consumer tend to pay more for a better consumer experience. Marketers in the digital age need to shift their focus form just selling products to selling experiences.

Consumer experiences are the only thing that can at the end of a day define an organization. Customer experience represents the whole philosophy and psyche of an organization so it is an all incumbent approach.

This means that every area of the business impacts the customer experience from online adverts, to sales representatives, supply to customer services. This aspect of the business is owned and championed by the marketing department of any organization as it is so crucial to brand image and equity.

Front-End Code:

Time to get a little more technical with our skills DIY t-shaped marketer should really understand that some of the languages run the digital world and a great place to start is by learning front-end code. For sure, we can get away without getting to know coding but it definitely helps.

I look at it like this, you can always use Google translate to get by in different countries but it is much more effective if you actually know the language. This is a highly attractive skill to have on your digital marketing resume because it means that you can be more agile and would be able to work faster on digital marketing projects.

 Front-end development is great for making bespoke changes to landing pages built with builders, one can also gain a better understanding of how things like tracking codes and pixels work, not becoming a slave to templates and being able to make custom changes to email campaigns.

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