Manual update process of the firmware On Netgear Wifi Extender

To enjoy the flawless network at Mywifiext any time with your Extender it is necessary to update its firmware time to time.

To enjoy the flawless network at Mywifiext any time with your Extender it is necessary to update its firmware time to time. In order to enhance the performance of the wifi, or to enter new features or increase the security, the Netgear regularly sends firmware updates.

How to update the firmware manually

  • Connect your extender to your routers wifi.
  • Verify the wifi of your extender and connect to your router.
  • Sometimes the router and the extender have different network names (SSIDs).
  • If you are not able to do so visit NETGEAR support.
  • Type your Model Number Or Product Name.
  • Go to downloads and press enter.
  • Move to firmware version and click download.
  • With the help of any browser enter and enter the login page.
  • Enter the username and password and wait for the status page to be displayed.
  • Take the curser to the Firmware Update and click.
  • Now take the curser to the browser button, locate the firmware file and press enter.
  • Now enter Upload button.

The update of the firmware at starts and the extender restarts. This process may take 2 minutes. Once you have clicked the upload icon do not open any site and do not try to connect with internet. Let the extender complete the process and restart properly.

Why should we update our Netgear Wifi Extender

  1. It improves the capacity of the wifi network.
  2. It increases the security level of the network.
  3. And it adds latest and useful features, for making the extender much more advance.

The firmware updating is a very important step to be followed to experience the latest features. And it also keeps you secured and updated compares to other extenders at Mywifiext in the market. Along with the Extender it is also necessary to update all the browsers of your computer and even your router, for smoother running of the wifi.

How to update my Router

  • Open the search bar of any browser and type the IP address of your router.
  • Fill in your username and password.
  • Find and move to the upgrade section.
  • Move to the router manufacturer’s website, there you can simply find your model number and go to the update files.
  • You have to download the file. It will be a zip file.
  • Bring the file to your desktop.
  • In the upgrade portion browse and find the router update file, press enter, and start the update process.
  • As the process gets finished restart your router.

Note: To find the IP address, go to the search bar and type Command Prompt. Press enter and type” ipconfig” in the command line again press enter. You would find the IP address on the side of the default gateway.

These few steps are carried on to upgrade the router, and this is as important as to update the extender. You should always be updated with all your devices at to avoid dropping of connections any error messages. As you update your devices you come across the latest features, which make you more comfortable and easy in your applications.



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