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Meet the Award Winning Pediatrician in Dubai - Dr. Medhat Abu-Shaaban

Everyone is talking concerning myPediaclinic's Award Winning pediatric Dental Clinic in Dubai. This can be as a result of at myPediaclinic (Voted Best pediatric Clinic in Dubai), We have a tendency to pride ourselves for operating along as a team with oldsters to lift healthy and happy kids. myPediaclinic covers child's health from all angles, Pediatrics, Nutrition, and paediatric dental medicine as we have a tendency to believe they're all necessary and connected.

Dr. Medhat Abu-Shaaban is the pediatrician in Dubai and medical director behind myPediaclinic in Dubai Health Care City. Working with him is nothing short of joy. As a colleague he is very pleasant to work with and his passion for helping families and children is extremely admirable. His patients and colleagues like him a lot and we would like you to get to know him as well.

Who is Dr. Medhat Abu-Shaaban?

Dr. Medhat Abu-Shaaban is an award winning American Board Certified pediatrician with more than 30 years experience in Pediatrics between the U.S where he did his Residency in Pediatrics at the University of Maryland Hospital and set up a private practice for 20 years, Jordan and finally the UAE. Dr Abu-Shaaban is a general pediatrician covering a wide scope of health issues in children including pediatric allergy. Dr. Medhat Abu-Shaaban is one of very few tongue tie experts in the region.

Pediatrician Dr. Medhat Abu-Shaaban's years of experience coupled with his love for constant knowledge and staying up to date has made him extremely popular among parents and for this reason he has been voted as the best pediatrician be it the U.S by Baltimore Magazine and Towson Times Magazine or in Dubai where he has won Best Pediatric Clinic Award by Mother, Baby, and Child magazine.

Pediatrician in Dubai -Best pediatric clinic award

As part of his effort to bring the latest up to date information and health care to patients, he employs the latest equipment and works as part of a team to make sure every child gets wholistic look at his health from breastfeeding, child nutrition, inBody analyzer for obesity management, vision screening, hearing assessment, typamanometry (to detect fluids in the middle ear), developmental screening and more. 

Pediatrician in Dubai -Best pediatric clinic awardPediatrician in Dubai -Best pediatric clinic awardPediatrician in Dubai -Best pediatric clinic award

As part of his passion for a healthier generation, he works very hard on spreading awareness through myPediaclinic's blog, by authoring a book (Babywise) and by appearing on major TV networks across the Middle East and U.S.A including regular TV appearances on MBC, AlArabiya, Fox news and on major Magazines and newspapers.

Pediatrician in Dubai -Best pediatric clinic award

Some words by Mothers about Dr. Medhat Abu-Shaaban - Pediatrician in Dubai

"Dr. Medhat is very gentle, loves babies & you can feel that he loves what he does. He has a lot of experience, is very supportive of breastfeeding & does not encourage giving medicines at all unless it is very necessary" - Chrystel Labaky Aswad - Read the whole article on "What Pediatrician do you  Recommend in Dubai?"

"I could go on and on and on raving about the whole experience at myPediaclinic. Do yourself a favor and the next time you need your tot examined by someone who knows what they are actually talking about then visit MyPediaClinic." Corrine - Blogger, read the whole article on Mommy in Dubai

"Dr. Medhat took the time to listen to my concerns and found the lip and tongue tie that had previously been diagnosed as reflux, overactive letdown, colic, and dairy intolerance.The procedure was quick and my son acted as if nothing had happened. The only thing he disliked was the numbing stuff before his stretches. Once we stopped that he was happy to participate in the lip and tongue stretches.
I am so happy I didn't give up and found a doctor that would take the time to listen instead of rushing me out to see another patient.
Worth the hour drive every visit." Jen McMillon

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