Commercial Ac Service

Signs You Need a Commercial A/c Service

If your air-conditioned has been checked and maintained timely, it will save you from huge damage and costly electricity bill.

Commercial places are where a lot of people work, learn, or enjoy their time with friends or family. For example, areas such as offices, gyms, educational institutions, malls, theatres, etc. These places must be maintained timely to provide comfort and hassle-free surroundings for workers as well as customers. While providing all these facilities, the major ones are furnished areas, proper lighting, and cleanliness. One of the most important things that must be maintained in such commercial places is the temperature. 

If you want to improve employee productivity while keeping up the hectic schedule of the work and expect that customers visit more often, you have to maintain the air-condition of that place or building. Some common problems that air conditioners face are faulty installations, inadequate maintenance, and poor service procedures. If the installation has been done improperly, then it can result in leaky ducts and low airflow. Most of the time, the refrigerant is not charged as specified by the manufacturer during installation. 

What are the signs you need a commercial A/C service?

All of this can affect the performance and efficiency of the air conditioner. If your air-conditioned has been checked and maintained timely, it will save you from huge damage and costly electricity bill. Overall it can affect your pocket and your business. At commercial places, it is quite tough to detect problems and service the air-conditioner. Here we will discuss the signs which show that your A/C needs a service. 

  • Loud/ unfamiliar sounds

People probably are familiar with the sound produced by the A/Cand can easily differentiate between common sound and unfamiliar sounds coming from the a/c. If your air conditioner is making an unfamiliar sound such as grinding, squealing, or scraping coming from the A/C, that means something is disinfected. There are several reasons for such sounds, such as sleeping parts got out or something is stuck.This is a serious issue and can damage other costly parts as well if not serviced on time.

  • Increased electricity bill 

In most showrooms, the A/Cis running continuously and does not hit the switch off button. This causes a chance for it to be undersized, leaks in ductwork, and problem in connection. These problems must be repaired on time because A/Cconsumes higher energy than other appliances and can cost you a high electricity bill.

  • Excess of humidity

A/c's work is to reduce humidity and maintain air quality. If you notice the area is humid while A/C is on, there may be a problem in the cold evaporator coil of the A/C unit. In this situation, you must contact a commercial A/C service provider.

  • Start smelling bad when turned on

Usually, an A/C does not stink when it is switched on. It just smells good or fresh while running in good condition. If a pungent smell is felt while running, there is a chance that the wire insulation inside the A/Cunit is burnt, or in case of a musty smell, there is a chance that there's mold somewhere in A/Cunit or the ductwork. This a big issue, and you must contact A/C service ASAP because it may make people sick.

  • A/C blows warm air

A/C's work is to cool down the room or the area in hot weather, but if your A/Cis blowing hot or warm air, there might be some problem. There are several problems responsible for that, such as damage or problem in the compressor unit, low on refrigerant, or the duct is broken or disconnected and pulling in unconditioned air from outside.

  • Airflow is low

You may feel that it is taking a lot of time to cool or warm the surroundings, or air is not able to circulate in a larger area. It is because the air coming out from the A/C vents is very weak. The weakening of airflow is often caused because of compressor falling or issues with ducts. In that case, you need to call a professional commercial Ac service provider.

  • Malfunctioning of controls 

Sometimes, the remote control or the switches of A/Cunit are not working or malfunctioning, which causes a lot of issues while operating, such as problem in maintaining the temperature, fan speed, timer, sleep time, and switching off/on. Then there might be a chance that the sensor kit or buttons got damaged. In that case, you need to call the technician and get it solved.


So we have seen the signs that show why and when you need a commercial Ac service. You have to keep the A/C maintained timely, especially at the commercial place to maintain your business's productivity and efficiency. Since the summers have arrived, start booking commercial Ac service for a regular checkup, so you do not have to wait long in case of finding a fault.

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