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Solutions to the marriage problems are an important sector of astrology by which you can get optimum results as per the marriage horoscope. Happy marital life can be destroyed just by a lot of influencing factors. Marital life represents a happy couple but sometimes for unpredictable situations and the wrong statement may lead to a relationship crisis. All these issues lead to stress and disturbances and sometimes lead to separation and divorce. provides the best services and solutions regarding marriage problems. The accurate marriage prediction free feature of our site gives all the issues as above. 

Consultation for free navamsa prediction online 

Navamsa chart is one of the most important factors of the horoscope. It is regarded as the 9th division of the zodiac sign as of in the natal chart of the particular person. Respective navamsa is determined by the signs occupied in the planets of a respective person's horoscope.

Navamsa is a misconception that activates just after the marriage when someone gets older. There is no reference in our Vedic astrology that states it is a factor of the marriage. Good fortune is considered as the navamsa chart. It signifies relationships and marriage particularly. As it is responsible for the good fortune, so it states that what type of partner you will get incoming life or not and whether you will lead a happy life or not. With our feature of free navamsa prediction online and navamsa chart matching for marriage, you can predict all details regarding the marriage.

Prediction of life partner for free

Our well-known astrologers give you all suggestions regarding your marriage prediction by date of birth. The best analytical way to know about your marriage-related details and upcoming married life just by your zodiac sign and date of birth. When will I get married and to whom? when will I get married Indian astrology? and many more questions may arise in your head all these questions will be answered by our astrologers. At a particular date, time, and place an individual has taken birth, the planetary positions are recorded and that shows up how well we are going to get a perfect match. 

Services provided by tabij astrology according to the marriage prediction

  • Accurate marriage predictions free by date of birth remedies related to the before and after issues in marriage
  • Knowledge on second marriage prediction by date of birth free online
  • Late marriage prediction
  • Kundli matching before marriage
  • Extramarital affairs problem
  • Divorce problem
  • Inter caste marriage problem

When will I meet my life partner astrology?

Here we provide free marriage age prediction by date of birth free online that lets you know at what age you are going to marry. All these things can be predicted by the feature we have to predict my life partner free. As every aspect of life is related to the horoscope same goes for the marriage. Marriage is predicted by the position of planets and houses in the natal chart. Astrology marriage prediction has 12 houses in horoscope 5th place influences to love marriage and 7th influences to the arranged marriage respectively.

Get to know Love or arranged marriage prediction by date of birth free online as per the planets:

  • Sun: Arrange marriage
  • Moon: Love affair / Arrange marriage
  • Jupiter: Arrange marriage
  • Rahu: Love Marriage
  • Mercury: Love + Arrange marriage
  • Venus: Love marriage
  • Ketu: Love Marriage
  • Saturn: Arrange marriage
  • Mars: Love / Arrange marriage

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