There are so much offers available at Dubai Tyre Shop as well as knock out services to make both new and old customers come back for more. From famous brands such as Bridgestone, Yokohama, Dunlop, and Michelin tyres to Sumitomo, Zeetex and Roadstone models, every customer's wish and expectations are fulfilled with world class execution.

What should I consider?

Buying the wrong choice of tyre can significantly reduce the performance of your vehicle as well as bringing about uncertainties to it's durability. Safety can be another problem to encounter and that can be in any form of bad news for you and your company.

That been said, there are so much to consider before placing an order which will seem far-fetched at first but when doing business in the right place, acquiring the best tyre for your vehicle has never been so easy.

Getting the perfect size...

The team of customer care agents available at Dubai Tyre Shop are equipped with world class professional training and skills to help you in this category. The right tyre size does not only ensure a silent, comfortably and great balance to your journeys, but also underlines the driving safety everyone deserves.

Bigger vehicles need bigger sizes to avoid shaky movements and smaller vehicles deserve smaller sizes to give it a wholesome outlook. This ultimately brings about maximum functionality and also brings out the best qualities of your vehicle.

Tyre types

Let's have a look at all the types of tyres available.

Winter tyres

Summer tyres

All terrain tyres

The tyres listed above comes with their very own special features that makes it easier to identify and choose the right one. They are independently built with their own innovations to withstand specific weather conditions and driving lifestyles.

Also, issues such as grip, control, traction and speed are not left out of the picture so as to bring comfort to driving in steep roads and rocky routes.


This happens to be the first thing buyers look out for when purchasing anything online. Is a question of whether the price is worth the item they wish to purchase. Despite all the quality it promises, a trye has to be affordable for everyone to have a taste of it. Our company offers the best discount prices and deals available in the trye market of Dubai and all these can easily be accessed online.

Best deals on offer...

All DubaiTyreShop tyres brands  are made with quality rubber and the long search is all over. When you click on the website, be sure you have come to the right place and you will be clicking on it once again when you need new tyres in the future.

Every driver deserves an upgraded lifestyle every single time and also the unparalleled possibilities of laying their hands on cutting edge technology such as EvenPeak and the Knife Blade doodle patterns which we offer here. There is also a 3+1 tyre offers which is just a click away

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