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Technologies That Have Changed The Edtech Sector

The education sector has seen the dawn of a new era with quality education app development. There are a number of technologies that work in tandem for a great product, and here’s a look at some of the most dominant ones!

The last few years have seen technology made a huge impact on almost every aspect of our daily lives. Such has been the pace of advancements that it would be no surprise if the 21st century gets to be known as the century of technology in the future.

Today, every kind of hurdle has the presence of technology in its solution, which is a huge deal in itself. Industries are heavily reliant on technology for better efficiency in their organizational processes. Also, with the way how the COVID-19 pandemic made lives difficult, education also became a sector that saw huge advancement through better technology.

Educational app development services have witnessed a steady rise as a result, enabling people to have better access to teaching and learning than ever before. Thanks to technology again, the pattern of learning has completely changed. 

From online learning classes to newer ways of communication between teachers and students, the road ahead is full of promise sure, the gap between education and technology has shrunk more than ever before.

Technologies That Have Brought EdTech to What it is Today

With the increased use of smartphones, tablets, and e-books, there has been a meteoric rise in educational mobile app development. With the convenience that these apps bring to the table, learning apps are here to stay, and that’s for sure.

But what about the technologies that are working behind the scenes?  What are the technologies that have completely changed the face of EdTech as we know it?

Here’s a look-

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

With IoT, it has become possible to connect every single electronic device together to deliver a seamless and completely harmonious learning experience. This technology has made communication between teachers and students easier than ever before, ensuring that learning remains a consistent process even with a global pandemic weighing the world down.

Verified Market Research has forecasted that the market of IoT in the education sector will reach an estimated $19.7 billion by the year 2027, making it needless to say anything more about this technology and the impact it’s going to market.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

As to how Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized the world is anybody’s guess, and the EdTech sector has been beautifully influenced by this new, cutting-edge technology. Accurate content creation, tailor-made learning procedures, live communication, and evaluation of student performances is something that AI has made an absolute breeze.

With almost the entire learning process becoming easier under the influence of AI, this technology is surely going to be integral in e-learning mobile app development.

  • Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR)

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are the technological stepping stones to what will become the tech of the future. By the inclusion of simulated realities for different use cases, these two technologies are increasingly enhancing the entire e-learning scenarios.

Through such simulations, both teachers and students have a lot to enjoy and bring into effect a lot of learning through virtual methods. Complicated things will become easy to understand.

  • Cloud Computing

With cloud computing technology, a collaboration between teachers and students has become easier than ever, with worldwide access to learning and communication resources that make learning a very comfortable experience for everyone. 

Educational app development solutions are increasingly providing cloud servers to teachers and students for storing their learning modules, enabling everyone to make remote learning a part of their daily lives. All with the benefits of reduced expenses, better access, and safekeeping of important information.

  • Gamification

If there is a piece of technology that has made learning a fun process, it surely has to be the incorporation of gamification within the different learning mobile applications.

Gamification allows students to become more involved in learning by keeping their usual pens, pencils, and papers away from themselves to enable themselves in free expression with pronounced levels of creativity and innovation.

Final Thoughts

These are just a handful of technologies that have revolutionized the Edtech sector completely. Suffice to say that this is just a start, and more new technologies will be joining this list in the future. 

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