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Must Have Functionalities to Create a Chat App

In the present scenario, we can’t imagine our lives without instant messaging applications including Facebook and WhatsApp. These applications have turned as a major part of our lives and undoubtedly, they have also turned our lives easier and connected as ever before. 

Apps like Instagram and Snapchat offer several opportunities for users to exchange information and opinion. However, it helps to enhance the communication process among users worldwide. These applications allow users to send multimedia-based content, which includes images, videos, and text. With only one click, users are enabled to send and receive the details easily and faster. 

Apart from this, there are many other benefits of instant messaging applications as users can respond from anywhere and at any time. For a better communication process, they can also send audio, and to sort out the queries, they can have video calls also on an immediate basis without any hassle. 

However, there is a high demand for instant messaging applications and in the Covid19 pandemic, instant messaging app development service has turned into a boon for the business world. Start to large enterprises can opt for customized solutions as per their requirements. Apart from this, there are several popular apps available for the users, which are easy to use but then also if enterprises prefer to opt for their customised application for their internal and confidential communication process, so they can opt for the customised instant messaging application. 

If you are also planning to launch your instant messaging application, then there are several essential functionalities that developers can’t miss out!

In this blog, we have listed some important features that developers should focus more on. By integrating these functionalities,  the process turns into streamline and users can easily use the mobile application without any hassle. However, it helps to increase the user experience. 

Must Have Functionalities to create Chat App 


The foremost step in instant messaging application is to Sign up. Developers should focus on the fact that a Sign up process should be easier and appropriate. It should not be lengthy but based on user friendly procedure. 

There are several ways to integrate authorization with application. App developers can offer several ways to sign up on the app- 

Users can sign up on the app via social media, phone number, or E- mail. You can offer your users multiple ways to sign up or an individual method. But to increase user experience, offer them multiple options, don’t confined with an individual method. Single method authorization confined them and it might be possible that they don’t prefer to share the particular information. However, it's better to develop an app, which offers multiple and easier ways to connect with the application. Even some platforms also allow users to sign up by only tapping on a single link.

2) Contact importing 

Now this is another major feature that attracts users to your application or your platform turns into easy to manage. Allow users to find their known ones easily by integrating contact importing features to your application. With this feature, contacts which are saved in the users Smartphone, and the same have signed up on the application, so they will automatically imported and will be visible on the platform. 

However, it is considered as an additional feature and helps to enhance connectivity. Apart from this, it also turns the functionalities into effortless and faster. 

3) Media File Sharing 

This is the next major feature, which developers can’t afford to miss out. Media File sharing is a must have feature as it turns applications into advanced and allows users to leverage the benefits of the tech industry. However, it allows users to exchange files which includes documents, images, videos ( animated also). Furthermore, users should be able to share files easily and without any hassle. 

This functionality can be leveraged by the users in two different ways, they can share the data - 

  • Directly from the gallery or internal storage 
  • They can also directly or at the same time users can capture the moments and send it immediately to the concerned person. 

It helps to enhance the connectivity and ensure high-level communication to the users. However, for enterprises, this functionality turns the process into more advanced and open several other possibilities. 


These are the must-have functionalities that a developer can’t skip off and it also helps to increase the connectivity and communication between users. Undoubtedly, with these functionalities, it opens up several possibilities and turns the app into the next level. Advanced functionalities are the best way to attract users and increase the usage of your platform.


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