Which Companies Must Have a Custom App

  1. For which companies has it become almost essential to have a personalized app?
  2. For what reasons?
  3. Who wouldn't want to increase the volume of their business?

Read the article to find out if your business can benefit from a personalized app!

Until a few years ago, every company invested heavily in Marketing. He tried to increase his customer portfolio with CRMs, maximized sales with loyal ones. Now we are in the middle of the digital age, and the revolution in the world of apps has revolutionized the way we stay on the market to reach our target and achieve the growth goal.

Over the years, companies have increasingly evolved on mobile and digital channels such as websites and applications, dedicating more and more resources. The app selection depends on many factors:

  • The target they are targeting,
  • The required features,
  • The cost,
  • The usability,
  • Goals, etc.

We have to imagine the modern scenario, the mobile has surpassed any other form of multimedia communication, supplanting PCs and even common laptops. More and more people are using smartphones and tablets for research and the trend continues in this direction.

For this reason, statistical data in hand, more and more companies prefer to develop customized apps through the support of real professionals.

What can custom apps offer?

There are several techniques for creating an app and some of them offer the possibility of being created by allowing the content to be updated by accessing the control panel called the CMS, thus giving the app personalized content. They can also identify users' position in real time and provide specific geographic content, a real bomb to be exploited to the best to maximize each business.

The new digital tools have made common e-mail lose effectiveness. Apps communicate with users in real time with push notifications or chat integration, much more effective than email.

To conclude, we list which business sectors can benefit from it and how. We speak of different realities and of the most disparate dimensions, but each of them is united by at least one of these factors:

  • Companies that create a new advertising channel. App with functions of: search, messenger, news feeds, booking forms, price information etc. the immediacy of push notifications can inform customers about promotions and discounts on products.
  • SMEs that can optimize a large flow of orders or work processes (via the web, telephone, email, etc.)
  • Provide value to the customer: by retaining them with loyalty programs, reward them with discounts or other prizes.
  • Increase brand recognition
  • Involve customers more: If you are a restaurant, for example you can Create App Like Uber for booking tables
  • Remaining competitive are still few companies with a customized mobile app, having it first will allow you to gain a competitive advantage.

E-commerce companies, large gyms, public offices, clinics, beauty centers, chain stores, etc. are therefore benefited. Just to mention the most representative. Obviously, even shops or businesses that do not have these numbers can have undoubted advantages in the creation of their own personalized app, everything lies in the goal you want to reach and the target to which it is addressed.


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