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The COVID-19 pandemic threw the whole world into chaos when it was least expected. All imaginable industries and sectors were thrown into turmoil, and nobody had an answer. The health industry too was hit pretty hard. All of this happened in an alarmingly short span of time, leaving everyone clueless.

With healthcare under heavy pressure in such troubled times, online healthcare had to be made better and more sophisticated, which brought a number of telemedicine app development services to the fore.

Repeated innovations in the world of technology have provided a number of companies with opportunities to grow. Businesses and even consumers are now able to do anything within a few taps or clicks. In healthcare too, medical professionals are now taking the help of telehealth apps to simply health services as a whole.

Telehealth apps have brought complete patient and physician details right on the palms, which is a testimony to the impact that’s been created as a whole.

Some Statistics for Telehealth

As per Statista, the global market for digital health is expected to reach about 500 billion dollars by the year 2025. The funding in digital health startups too touched a figure of a whopping 14 billion dollars, which was back in 2019.

For specific telemedicine and telehealth, their global market size is forecasted to touch 180 billion dollars by 2026. This forecast is majorly based on the fact that video-based consultation between the doctors and patients is going to increase, given the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent precautions that will come next.

Telehealth Apps in 2021

With telemedicine app development solutions definitely moving ahead in terms of technology and the features on offer, it is very safe to assume that telehealth apps will keep on trending this year too.

This is what we think the telemedicine apps in 2021 will look like-

- The Arrival Of Health Data Apps

PGHD, or patient-generated health data, is a collection of all the health-related information of patients, with their medical history, previous medications, and even the details about how they recovered.

Such comprehensive apps will definitely help a great degree in offering a complete overview of the patient’s medical record, and it’s going to make sharing of all relevant data much more hassle-free, rendering the need to share physical records a burden.

- More Sophisticated Telemedicine Apps
Needless to say, when we are talking about telehealth, telemedicine surely comes into it all. The concept of telemedicine might be narrow when compared to telehealth, but is a telehealth section that’s superbly poised for some spectacular growth in the coming years.

From simple physicians to licensed therapists, every medical professional will try to get a sophisticated telemedicine app developed to reach out to their patients and vice-versa.

- Blockchain Technology is the Future
Blockchain technology has made huge leaps in almost every single industry in recent times, and it has just started in the healthcare sector. Blockchain can bring in much-needed changes like clinical trials, record management, and more such features.

Pharmaceutical supply chains, safe and secure exchange of patient data, and electronic health data are some truly amazing attributes that Blockchain technology will rock 2021 with!

- Advanced Tracing Technology 
Restoring a normal life during the time of COVID-19 and keeping everyone safe is highly important. This is where an advanced tracing technology can prove to be decisive if the doctors are to be believed.

With the use of such technology, it will be easier to identify and track the people having high chances of infection or are already carrying the infection by keeping them under constant monitoring.

- Changed Technologies for Connectivity

Without a doubt, 5G is going to be the buzzword in 2021. As a technology, it has the potential to completely change the face of the healthcare ecosystem.

With a more powerful network, a telemedicine app development company will be able to create cutting-edge products, where everything from images to video calls and appointments will become a lot easier.

Telehealth apps are surely headed for a lot of promise ahead in the future. The healthcare industry is surely going to benefit a lot with the sheer quality of service, both for the doctors as well as the patients. If you are looking to get some quality telemedicine app development solutions, Consagous Technologies is a delightful option for you.

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