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The Big Role of Billing System Software in Shaping the Fortunes of MVNOs

The origins of the earliest telecom billing system software can be traced back to the early 1990s.

Since that time, there have been constant emergences of new needs, which have necessitated frequent changes in the billing platforms. In the past, it has been simple for big players in the market to build their own custom phone billing software solutions that conform to their particular requirements. But now, with the arrival of MVNOs, the playing field has changed considerably.

Why Billing System Software is More Important for MVNOs?

MVNOs do not have deep pockets like their MNO counterparts. So, a billing system software solution is a big deal for them. Most virtual operators, especially the thin and skinny ones, do not have the capital to frequently buy new software or customize an existing one to fit in with their new requirements. Hence, when they start using one, they are stuck with that for a long period of time. Therefore, it is a lot more important for them to invest in a phone billing software solution that is flexible and future proof.

Important Characteristics of Flexible and Future Proof Phone Billing Software

A versatile phone billing software solution provided by an MVNE can change the way an MVNO operates. Some of its important characteristics are:

Allows for the printing of detailed invoices with all service charges

Nowadays, telecom services are not limited to call, SMS and data. There are several services used by the customers of today like IPTV, broadband, IoT and 5G, which are vast in scope and require a centralized charging platform for one-stop processing. Therefore, it is important to have a centralized architecture, like the one provided by an Online Charging System (OCS). An OCS charges all telecom services at a single place and hence, let’s MVNOs create a single invoice with all charges included.

Application Program Interface (API) for extending the functionality

Customization of billing system software is a costly affair. But, it is also true that you may need certain new functionalities that you would not have thought before purchasing the software. To address such difficult situations and lowering financial cost, APIs serve as a great option. APIs provided by a competent MVNO platform like Telgoo5 can be instantly installed to add new features like a payment gateway, NLAD database and even a shipping service to an existing billing system.

Quick monetization of complex services and processing

The incoming tech in the telecom industry is a lot more intricate than the older technologies. Also, the amount of data generated via an IoT platform or 5G technologies can be hard to handle using generic on-premise platforms. A cloud-based platform like Telgoo5 comes with latest features and immense processing capabilities that can help your MVNO monetize complex technologies with ease.

Security of customer-related information

A telecom billing platform keeps large amount of customer information that simply cannot be compromised. Hence, security should be the primary concern of telcos investing in billing system software. Any loss of customer information can do huge damage to an operator’s reputation, which is why; security should be at the forefront of their thought process before partnering with a telecom billing services provider.

Do You Need an MVNO Enabler? Reasons Why You Do

When you start an MVNO business, there are reasons why you can succeed or fail. Apart from the basics, an enabler will help you increase the probability of succession. An enabler can be the difference between success and failure. The following are reasons why an MVNO enabler is crucial to your business.

The flexibility of Your Business Model

Every business has a business plan. However, it does not mean the business will succeed with the business plan. An MVNO enabler ensures you optimize your MVNO business. So how does this work?

For starters, there is an evaluation of your technical needs. Once an evaluation is complete, specific strategies are created. These strategies will work to ensure your business has the best technical optimization. The result is a growing business with improved financial performance.

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