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The Perfect 5 Day Itinerary For Your Trip To Dubai

Dubai is known for its expansive deserts that promise an unforgettable time for the tourists out on a desert safari.

Dubai is known for its expansive deserts that promise an unforgettable time for the tourists out on a desert safari. The safari that you get to experience is not just about fun and excitement. It is also like a traditional pursuit that helps you take a closer look at life in the deserts. When paired with the choicest modern amenities, entertainment, dinner, and adventure activities, the desert safaris of Dubai become something that every tourist to the land hopes to experience at least once.

Though every Dubai experience varies from another, there are many features that all of them offer. From dune bashing is specially designed vehicles to enjoying a yummy barbecue dinner as the Arabian dancers perform there is a lot to love about these safaris. You can finally call it a day by sleeping under a starry night sky. The companies that organise these safaris make sure that your comfort is ensured throughout the experience. If you are interested in planning a Dubai, then a stay of about five days in this beautiful place will be your best time.

Day 1 - Burj Khalifa
After reaching your Dubai hotel, take a rest for some time, and then you can stroll around the hotel. On the first day in Dubai, one of the beautiful places you can visit is Burj Khalifa. You can take the top tour on Burj Khalifa Observation Deck to get a stunning view from the tallest building in the world: a hotel, a mall, a residence, a spa, and a restaurant/ bar.

Day 2 - Dubai Top Attractions - The Palm and the Marina
Dubai is a place of extremes. When you are in Dubai, you cannot miss visiting the Marina and the Palm. It is a region of luxury with stunning housing and fancy bars as well as unique hotels. You can also book a ticket that contains a variety of unlimited drinks and cuisines. This is an excellent way to enjoy the hotel, sea views and have a fantastic time. Along with that, you can also go for a few adventure activities such as fly boarding, sand boarding, skydiving, bungee jumping, hot air balloon ride, etc. Day 2 will be only for visiting the top attractions and then make a plan for desert safari Dubai on day 3.

Day 3 - Dune Bashing Dubai Desert Safari
A typical safari starts with the tour company arranging transports to the campsite and picking you from your hotel. The driver will deflate the tires, and you will meet with other people who are taking the tour with you. It is time to start the adventure finally. Depending on the passengers comfort level and the package that they choose, dune bashing goes on for at least thirty to forty minutes. After the activity is done, you will go to the central camp in the desert to get a truly Bedouin experience.

The desert safari deals in Dubai only begin at dune bashing because there is a lot to do after that. You will sit on carpets on the desert floor and enjoy authentic Arabian entertainment. You will get to do henna painting on your hands and ride a camel through the vast desert. The experience also includes a delectable barbecue dinner that comes afterwards.

If you have always wanted to try their local cuisine, now is your time to get a taste of that. Though there are options available for the last day and evening safaris, people usually opt for the evening safari because it is more magical. The evening safari lets you watch the sun as it sets in the dunes. It is an experience that cannot you cannot describe in words.

Day 4 - Heritage Sites and Museums
Dubai has plenty of beautiful heritage sites and museums to stroll around. After witnessing the desert safari in Dubai on day 3, you will get the opportunity to visit a few beautiful museums and heritage sites on day 4. Dubai has numerous museums, that this would take more than a week to see them all. You can start your day with the Dubai Museum, the emirates main museum situated at the oldest existing building in the city the Al Fahidi Fort.

Day 5 - Food and Shopping
Dubai is also known for the delectable Arabic cuisine that is the speciality of the land. You can expect to get treated to a delicious barbecue dinner while you watch the entertainer perform. In terms of entertainment, you can expect to see Tanoura dance, puppet shows, and of course, belly dancing. When in Dubai, you cannot miss an opportunity to go shopping.

The place has plenty of beautiful shopping centers. Visit Dubai mall for grabbing your favourite dress. You will also find plenty of electronic gadgets, room decor items, shoes, cosmetics, accessories, etc. You can also opt for Dubai Street shopping because there is no better experience in shopping in Dubai.

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