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Top 10 A/B Testing Tools For Mobile Applications To Be Used In 2021!

In this blog post, we have brought you a quick look at the top 10 A/B testing tools which come in paid, on request, or free category. So you can make the best decision to test your product and flourish out of bounds.

App testing is an inevitable part of any mobile applications’ success story. However, when it comes to A/B testing, it is considered to be an irreplaceable part of any mobile strategy. It helps you to assess and identify what works and what does not for your app. 

It is a vital factor to check what more can be done to drive more traffic and installs or generate more sales or subscriptions on your app.

In this blog post, we have brought you a quick look at the top 10 A/B testing tools which come in paid, on request, or free category. So you can make the best decision to test your product and flourish out of bounds.

Importance of A/B testing

A mobile app is not just about coding, but there are multiple elements that are involved to help it turn out to be an improved version of its original. In order to create that perfection line on your app, it is mandatory to assess and test it from every inch possible to evade any glitch to occur. The very concept of A/B testing ensures to bring you confidence over the number of changes to be made in the app, so the user retention rate can be enhanced. This testing helps you see a different view of the app product, so you can make the changes as per the users’ perspective, and can make the informed decision to add or remove something.

Top 10 A/B testing tools, you must try in 2021

To improve the look and feel of your final app product, mobile app testing is not a choice but a necessity, and to make this process as easy as possible, the below-mentioned tools are good to proceed with. In simple words, using these tools will increase the chances of your app to get improved, and experience a large number of registration and installs.

1. Storemaven 

If you aim to drive higher app installation and improve the conversion rate, that trying this tool should be on your agenda. It helps you clone the store listing so you can send the test to a portion of the audience. This further helps you to track and analyze results in real-time, so you can check which elements work in your favor or not.

Cost: Price is based on request

2. Abba 

It is an open-source app A/B testing tool, that offers a wide variety of support systems. It is based on JS and requires self-hosting to manage and control the tests. There is a dashboard with this tool, that helps in filtering by date, and browser. 

Cost: Free

3. Convert 

With an aim to carry out multi-domain A/B, testing, tracking, and development tools for jQuery, JS, and CSS, this tool is a perfect choice. You get the option to edit content with a visual WYSIWYG editor and easy stylesheet editing. Google Analytics is in-built to help you get detailed insights.

Cost: Paid

4. Splitmetrics 

Calling this tool, a stop for all, wouldn’t be wrong, as it helps to test everything under the sun, so your end product is perfect from every possible angle. You can test complete factors of the product page such as icons, video, screenshots, and textual fields. Also, you can keep track of the results in real-time and analyze users’ behavior. 

Cost: Price is based on request

5. Optimizely 

It is the best choice to conduct fast and powerful mobile A/B testing that helps developers to try different elements of testing, like onboarding, feature discovery, and they can also include re-engagement strategies to enhance user engagement and retention. With this very tool, you can update the app in real-time without waiting for the App Store or Google Play review. 

Cost: Paid $1,440/month (paid annually) 

6. Apptimize 

For a more robust approach, this very tool lets the developers try complex A/B testing experiments on both the apps - iOS or Android. With this tool, you don’t need to update the app and can work on it instantly.

Cost: Price is based on request

7. Leanplum 

Every app wants to generate revenue, and this is the tool that helps in checking factors responsible for driving revenue. It has a super flexible and easy to test tool for both messaging and in-app features. To make the most out of your testing process, you can also set the goals within the app to identify customer needs.

Cost: Price is based on request

8. Mixpanel 

If you want to work with an in-browser editor, then this tool is the right choice for you. It helps you change any part of the app’s user interface, such as colors, text, remove features, etc. You don’t need a code to perform it, and can be used by anyone without any technical knowledge as well. You can also test non-visual aspects in the app, like the velocity of a spaceship in a game. 

Cost: Free and Paid  

9. Taplytics 

It is the most engaging tool available in the market and helps testers to check every detailed insight of iOS or Android app. You get the option to check buttons, images, copy, colors, that helps in customizing UI and UX to assess user needs. Also, you get the advanced analytics system to attain accurate data from the app and other 3rd party data systems.

Cost: Price is based on request

10. Adobe Target 

This tool is very popular as it makes multivariable A/B testing cases and holds an intuitive UI, that makes the journey super easy. You can use it to deliver relevant and engaging user experiences. One of the best features of this tool is to test across multiple channels. Further, it enables you to attain analytics and informal reports that are easy to comprehend. Also, there are many other features that come with the paid contract.

Cost: Paid

The Bottom Line

Well, this was the quick outlook of top 10 A/B testing tools, but what you should never forget is that regular optimization helps you identify which elements work for your app. Hence, if you need to bring a better result and improved traffic to your app, you need to pick the best app testing tool for your solution. 

And in this run, your chosen mobile app development company can help you dictate the best option available in the market.

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