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Using MultiCall – Everything You Need To Know

Four calls to four people are quite simply not the same, nor as efficient as one call to four people. And if you’re a person of efficiency, MultiCall is a must-have tool in your day-to-day life. But of course, completely understanding how to use it is also critical to make it an effective tool. So let’s begin, shall we?

Four calls to four people are quite simply not the same, nor as efficient as one call to four people. And if you’re a person of efficiency, MultiCall is a must-have tool in your day-to-day life. But of course, completely understanding how to use it is also critical to make it an effective tool. So let’s begin, shall we?



 The first and easiest step of the app is to get it. You can download the app on Google Play or The App Store, depending on the phone that you use.





 Now that you have downloaded the app, you’ll first have a quick slideshow walking you through MultiCall’s capabilities. The next step would be to setup and verify your credentials. Enter the phone number and email of your choice.



 Each requires verification with an OTP. A two digit OTP will be sent to the email, following which a four-digit OTP will be sent to your phone. Once you have entered this, you’re all set to begin MultiCalling; only a one-time sign-in!



Home Screen

 Once you have set up the app on your phone,  the MultiCall home screen should first show on your phone in the manner below, with buttons towards MultiCall, Groups, Settings, and Favourites as the bottom menu.



Support Helpline

 You might need some help, or simply want to learn more about MultiCall's Scheduled Calls, Call MonitoringTeleconference features of our App. Either way, we’re always happy to be with you 24/7 to answer your questions. On the top right of the screen, a button with a headset icon is set. Click on the same to dial out our support number, and we’re at your service. You can also reach out to us by email at  One of MultiCall’s most iconic features is the ability to start a group call instantly, or schedule calls from your phone; free of all the usual hassles of a conference call.


All and Upcoming Calls

 Below the icons you have the ability to view both your scheduled calls, and your entire call record as well, both completed and scheduled calls. To know further information about any given call, simply click on the call’s tab and you will be able to view the entire call’s details. This consists of :


    • Date and Time of your call.
    • Call Duration, which is rounded off to the nearest minute
    • The cost of your call; which for a limited period is free for up to a four-party call.
    • The call’s organizer.
    • The members of the call.


Call Now

 To instantly dial click on the icon directly above ‘Call Now’, this will lead you to the Instant Call menu, where you have a Members list.



You can choose directly from Contacts, or add the same from existing groups that you may have. You can manually enter their number too by clicking on ‘number’



After selecting the contacts, press ‘done’ on the top right. Now, simply press the green ‘Call’ button on the bottom.


You will first get a call from a landline number. Once you answer the call, the other participants get the call simultaneously. Your MultiCall is placed.



Call Later

 Scheduling the MultiCall is as easy for you as instantly dialling into one. Click on the Call Later button, and you will come to the Schedule Dial-Out menu, seen as below. You have the ability to customize various details:



    • First you get to schedule the name of the call itself; simply click on the name given (usually “Schedule Call” with the call number.
    • You can then select the date and the time at which you wish to execute the call.
    • You can also choose the profile you wish to use; this is essential especially when you consider allocation of call expenses, or to use a business profile entirely different with an alternate email and number
    • You can also add phone numbers to utilize your Call-Me-On Feature.
    • In the ‘More Options’ tab, you have the ability to customize your upcoming MultiCall to a greater level. Should you wish to repeat your call, you can choose between the options of Every Day, Every Week and Every Month
    • Time is money; so is the duration of your MultiCall. You can customize this too, with a maximum duration of 120 minutes on a 5-minute basis. That’s a full two hours at your discretion!
    • Last but certainly not least, you have two switches. The first allows you to auto initiate your MultiCall. The second allows you to add the call plan to your calendar.
    • Remember, choosing the right people is critical in a group conference. As with Instant Calls, You can choose directly from Contacts, or add the same from existing groups, or via manual entry of their number.


Once you’ve set everything, click the ‘Schedule Call’ button, and you’re good to go!


On-Call Features

 Once your call has begun, there are a multitude of call-monitoring features at your fingertips to manage your entire group.



Adding/Removing Participants

 When your MultiCall has begun, your screen would appear as above, with the list of all your participants. You can also add participants while in call, by either selecting from the list of contacts on your phone, or by dialling in the number as and when you need the individual to join the call. At the same time, you may also wish to remove a participant, perhaps due to disruption or background noise. You only need to click the cross-mark icon next to the tab with their name, and they will be disconnected.



 Keeping track of extensive calls are important, and MultiCall lets you do just that with its recording feature. You can record the entire duration of the call, and a reference ID will be provided to you by email after the call is done. Be sure to collect the recording via the ID within 7 days; after which it would be removed from our servers.



 You can choose to mute either individual participants, or all of them if required. For individual cases, you only need push the mute button on the tab with their name. The ‘Mute All’ button next to the Record button allows you to mute all participants if you need to.



 To add groups first press the groups button in the bottom menu. This will bring you to the groups menu, which will appear as below. Now you’ll notice an additional ‘plus’ button just next to the support icon now. Clicking this lets you setup and add a new group.



Once in the group menu as seen in the manner below, you can customize multiple aspects of the group.



    • You can select the cover photo for the group. You can either set a picture from your phone gallery, or directly take one with your camera. You can name the group as well.
    • As with scheduling calls, you can also choose for your profiles this group is applicable.
    • Adding members is the same as with Instant or Scheduled calls; you can choose directly from contacts, or add the same from existing groups, or via manual entry of their number.


Once you’ve added who you need, click on “Create”; and your new group is set! With each group you can monitor the calls made with this group.



 This section, like groups, allows you to mark the relevant contacts or groups that you would like set as favourites, and call all members with a single touch. Click on the heart icon seen in the group menu to mark it as a favourite. You can then click on the favourites button in the bottom menu to access them.





Various settings of your MultiCall ID can be modified with the Settings bar. Simply click on the Settings button in the bottom menu and you can view the menu as below:



For each of your profiles you can modify your profile picture



 Under this tab, you can add any E-mail ID or Mobile Number in addition to the respective ones that you currently have registered. Simply click on the green text asking to add either of the two, and proceed!



 Under this tab, you can add a business profile that you wish to use separately, with the same sign-in process. Setting up the different profiles will also help to organize your calls and manage the expenses. You can also create profiles for clients, colleagues, and friends too. You, too, can have multiple profiles with the same email ID. You can also mark another profile as the default if you so wish.



 With the ability to monitor each profile also comes the ability to monitor the payments and pricing plans allocated to them as well. After clicking on the Payments button, simply click on the profile which you wish to check, and the Profile’s payment menu appears as below.



You can monitor the active plans, the balance, and the validity on each profile. You additionally can monitor the add-ons, if any. The buttons allow you to carry out the following functions:


    • Recharge : While MultiCall lets you call up to 3 people for free, we offer prepaid plans both for individual and business. From a present range of price packs you can choose to proceed with a given prepaid price pack. Don’t forget to look up our recommendations for each! Once you have entered your name and relevant address details, you can proceed to pay for the pack. Post-paid plans are offered for business too. Contact a rep either with the support button or email us at to find out about our post-paid plans!
    • Top-Up : If you wish to stay on with the same price plan, you can simply top up; proceeding with the information as necessary to pay.
    • Add-Ons: Besides the existing pack you can choose various add-ons as well.
    • Payment History: You can view your full history of recharges and top-ups by selecting this particular button



 Network and Internet Connectivity can be a concern; specially at this particular time of lockdown. Should you wish, you can select this option, with the necessary menu as below. Select the number label you wish to title this phone number with, and add the same.




 Help will always be given to those in need, and at MultiCall, we stay at the ready to help you 24/7. Even beyond this, the help section comprehensively covers the various aspects with regard to setting up or using the app. This not only includes a Tutorial on how to use the app, but also has sections pertaining to onboarding, and also toward addressing Frequently Asked Questions about MultiCall. As a company though, we also look to our customers for feedback. You can enter yours in the feedback tab, and we shall revert at the earliest possible.


General Settings

 Last but not least, this particular tab is dedicated to understanding the various aspects of the app, inclusive of its Privacy Policy, and Terms Of Services for your usage.


App Reinstallation

 If you have an existing MultiCall profile and have to reinstall the app in another phone, no problem! Simply reinstall the app and sign in with the email and number you had registered with, and an OTP will be sent only to your phone for verification. You only need enter this, and MultiCall will function for you as normal, with all records of your previous activity on the app still kept.



Happy MultiCalling!
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