Blockchain in Supply Chain Logistics

Want to boost up your logistics business? Here is the ultimate solution

As blockchain technology is booming, it has also started to make a paradigm shift in logistics. In this blog, let us understand few ways how blockchain is boosting up the logistics industry.

Logistics is considered as an integral part of the supply chain. Almost every sector out there is backed up with logistics. 

The logistics sector is vast, huge, and extremely complex too. Managing the flow of goods and commodities at different levels is way too complex. 

Generally, the supply chain process runs through several stages like crossing various geographical locations, involves many intermediaries, huge paperwork, and invoices. 

Apart from this, supply chain management has complexity such as lack of transparency, traceability, and more things that are daunting the logistics.

Blockchain in Supply Chain Logistics 

Now let us check out how Blockchain in Supply Chain Logistics can boost up the productivity and efficiency of the industry. 

Immutable tracking and security: 

Blockchain offers efficient tracking and security of goods from the sourcing to the delivery of a product. 

Blockchain in Supply Chain Management records everything like what is altered, why, who made the changes, and when.

The prime features of blockchain are providing transparency and high security, so it is very useful for individuals to track their products and know the information about where the item is. The logistic company can share this information with their customers to increase trust. 

Automated Smart contracts and Payments:

It is a self-executing contract that allows your customers to make payments instantly. 

These smart contracts are programmed with all the information, including funds and other information. Once the verification is done, this digital contract will release the funds if the conditions are met. 


Reduce fraud and theft: 

Blockchain technology minimizes the fraud and theft that happens in the logistic industry. The blockchain system requires verification before accessing the goods. This eventually improves security and reduces cargo fraud and theft issues.

Wrapping up:

It has been already witnessed that blockchain technology is an absolute game-changer. It improves the end-to-end business modules in the process in the logistics sector. 

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