what is blog

What is blog?

What is Blog?, want to earn money online. Which is a great opportunity to share your thoughts on the blog? So what is the blog? What is blogger? or blogging

There will be very few people in the modern era who do not use the internet and most of us do internet to get useful information.
rb_blog including, many questions, are searching every day on the internet. If you do not go online on the internet then this is important.

If you are thinking that I can do my career in blog Yes, you can make it, and earn money too. Your first question, but you do not know what the blog is, then this article is for you. So let's know what is a blog?

What is Blog?

Like most innovations on the internet, many entrepreneurs have seen the convenience of marketing the blog and growing. The question in your mind is of course what the blog is.

First came the word "Blog" from "Weblog". The rb_blog are a type of website. rb_blog are usually written by a person who is very regularly updated And, a blog started with rb_blogpot.com platform, after which a specific blog creator has emerged. It is a product manufactured by Google on August 23, 1999, Blogger was launched by Pyra Labs in February 2003, Google acquired Pyra Labs under unknown conditions. This blog is provided free of charge.

The name of the blog word was the first webblog and later it was a blogger. rb_blog are often written on a specific topic, the rb_blog on any topic that you can do for many programs and varieties, photography, spirituality, dishes, personalized diary, some tips, business, blogging. This is the place to start an online blog in the same way that an author writes his book.

In the example, I tell you, if there is a book. So there is any story or information about it, and the author writes. That book, in the same way, the blog is also a book where we can share information online about the story or some things.

This is the place to start an online blog in the same way, which an author writes his book. In some of these topics, all blog communities have emerged, in which people are related to each other, where they can learn the business, share ideas, and become friends with people of similar interest all over the world.

Not only that, if you are starting a business or owning a company, you can increase your business by sharing online at a blog CPM, with CPC or View on Day Page (This means that if 1000 visitors 50 Clicks on ads, and if the CPC is $ 0.10, then your earnings can be $ 5), you can earn money with Google Adsense in this way.

The good news is that you can create a blog on Blogger in Free, you do not forget to agree on Blogger. Blogger is Google's product which features free such as Sign Up, Hosting, Storage, Domain, Themes with Limit. But, you can see it in three words and also hear the name. But, what is it? If you are going to journey as a blogger then you should be familiar with these three.

How to Start Blog?

The good news is that relativity is easy and cheap, by launching a blog or by adding a blog to your existing site, a free blog option such as WordPress.com and Blogger.com.

But to maintain control and professional image, think about the domain name of WordPress or other content management system on your domain and hosting and investment in that setting.

For the above reasons, the popular blogger is all that is free. Blogger offers the benefits of free features for your customers such as sign up, domain, template (shopping and templates available for free), 1 GB storage (hosting).

Maybe with the best features and simple design. You can manage Blogger, even if you do not have MS Office knowledge.
Once you have created your blog on Blogger. You will be automatically credited without adding Google webmaster and the list is ahead of all blog builders in SEO. Because Google is a product of the product search engine can do it in Google's hands, it can make it arbitrarily.

There is also a big loss in Blogger, there is incomplete reliability, such as a professional such landing page design template (Different themes) cannot be available for your business, so knowledge of HTML and CSS is essential. If you have knowledge of it then you can make your wish.

Thanks you for reading.

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