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What is the best way to get around in Cancun, México?

Cancun, Mexico is a great international destination, it is always better to book and know the best route to enjoy this destination.

Traveling in the eyes of people who have not experienced it seems to be simply because they don’t know the thousands of choices we face every day as travelers and customers.

 From the moment you are going to visit your destination (in this case Cancun) we care to see which class of flight favors us, if we want stopovers or want a direct flight, if the arrival to the city will be at a specific time, or if you don't have any problem with traveling within' the schedules established the random by the agency with which you will travel, and some people think that this is where it all ends, however, we still have to solve something more important… The way we will move into the city.

 To have better control of what you need to know what you are going to do while your vacations in the city, make a trip calendar or travel diary will help you a lot to know what you are going to do in the city while you are visiting.



For example, if you want to travel in Cancun from the airport to the hotel or any destination in or around the city to a specific point, you can acquire a transportation service that suits your travel needs.


Some transportation agencies that can help you with this important task are the following:


Transfers DV




All these are local agencies and is that always the recommendation is that before contacting a monster company that offers you a transportation service you can start by easily looking in your browser about transportation agencies in Cancun, the best-known agencies will appear and we will identify them, but the problem is that many times they will not fit our expectations at all.


How can I identify a good transportation agency?



Most agencies that offer transportation services for low prices are a trick, so they are not recommended agencies and are highly criticized for raising their fares at the end of the reservation since they do not include the fee taxes or the inclusion of passenger insurance (which obligation is to comply with it). In addition to this many of the agencies that offer transportation services don't give it privately, and you will have to share your service with more people, so your trip will be shared throughout your journey.


Fortunately, by contacting the agency you want to know the characteristics of the trip, you will make with them, usually, these will give you personal attention all the time and you will have benefits that you will not get with giant agencies.

 On the other side, the only thing you want is to get by bus to your destination you can buy an ADO Cancun service, is the service that will suit you if you want to travel by bus.


Also don't forget the events you had planned and acquire a car rental service in Cancun with which you can reach your destination simply and practically, some of the local agencies with which you can rent a car are as follows

 City Car Rental Cancun

SB Car Rental Cancun

Val Car Rental Cancun

 These previous ones will help you to know more about the city, and the best of this is that you will not have to look for more because those are the best local agencies to rent a car at a considerable and fair price.



Some of the agencies that will attract our attention will have misleading car rental advertisement for a couple of dollars a day, and this is really nothing more than a marketing tact with which they end up deceiving customers by making them believe they will pay less when they actually end up paying 90 or even 100% more of their reservation.


This is a list of things you can detect to avoid extra charges (if you can do it).


- Unnecessary extra services added automatically

- VAT (Increase of Taxes)

- Passenger insurance

- Conditioning of equipment for your trip

- Extra luggage or space


For that reason it is advisable you better to acquire a service that has these costs included, like services and Taxes, not to end up spending more of what you had contemplated in a beginning.


Try to research more about the agencies with which you are going to obtain any service to move, read reviews and inform yourself about the benefits you can acquire when booking with these companies because most (local issue) will offer discounts on the main attractions of the city and its surroundings.


Don't forget to always check data and contact the agencies from which you want to get information to know more about prices and so on, as it is always useful to know how much net money you spend.

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