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Why are metro ethernet services becoming so popular

Metro Ethernet is a network that provides connectivity to cloud data centers both public and private thereby connecting various residential or business subscribers to the internet.

Metro Ethernet is a network that provides multipoint connectivity service over a metropolitan area network (MAN). This concept basically originated as a LAN technology and eventually replaced low-speed WAN technologies. The technology proves to be useful for interconnected business offices or data centers as Metro Ethernet has the ability to connect two or more sites. 

Metro Ethernet is a network that provides connectivity to cloud data centers both public and private thereby connecting various residential or business subscribers to the internet. It aids business customers to conduct video conferences and residential subscribers to run video applications. 

About Metro Ethernet

A Metro Ethernet network or connection normally uses various kinds of interfaces and technologies. Metro Ethernet services using Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) as its foundation offers a copper interface and the transportation of data is done over MPLS. It allows you to enjoy a vast range of service features like scalable bandwidth that ranges from 3 megabits/sec to 1 gigabit/sec for point-to-point service configurations with an availability of 99.9%. It also allows you to enjoy a robust service level agreement (SLA) with a total cost reduction on the IT landscapes. 

Types of Metro Ethernet services

Ethernet Line Service (E-Line) - E-Line service works best for businesses that connect two sites for communication.

Ethernet LAN Service (E-LAN) – When a business has several sites, a proper connection is required between every site. This can be executed by implementing an E-LAN service.

Ethernet Tree Service (E-Tree) – When it is about monitoring the different frames between all sites of a business, the application of the E-Tree service would be the best.

Why businesses should shift to Metro Ethernet services

Economical – Many businesses can’t afford high costs for their operations. Metro Ethernet allows such business organizations to enjoy internet connectivity at an affordable rate. The reason why Metro Ethernet services have become highly cost-effective is that, the cost of fibre is decreasing rapidly with time. To get the best competitive price, you should request multiple price quotes from different service providers.

Bandwidth options – When it comes to bandwidth, many of the service providers offer a lot of flexibility. Some of the available options are:

Incremental bandwidth that ranges between 10 megabits to 100 megabits per second
Bandwidth that range from 3 megabits / sec to 1 Gbps / sec
Simple yet effective bandwidth management in larger scenarios
Expansion of the network, depending on business operations proves to be very easy with Metro Ethernet

Installation time - The average time taken for installation of Metro Ethernet by most providers is only around 7 to 10 days. This is a positive aspect of Metro Ethernet service, as most business organizations can’t afford to wait for long to get connected to their own business ecosystem and the entire world. Along with this fast installation time also the scalable bandwidth makes the Metro Ethernet service one of the most favourable services. 

Reliability – Most Metro Ethernet service providers give you an SLA which guarantees you 99.99% availability on their part. This high level of reliability of the network allows the business organizations to always stay connected and also they can rely on the service provider to fix any kind of problem that may occur.

The flexibility of connections – When you deploy Metro Ethernet you get to choose several configurations like:

Dedicated bandwidth between the different business locations

Hub and spoke configuration for connecting branch offices to the headquarters of a business

As a business organization, you can also choose any virtual LAN (VLAN) to connect your different offices. Since Metro Ethernet creates multipoint or point- to-point paths with the help of switches, there is no need to use routers.

Other benefits - Metro Ethernet also has other advantages like:

Lower latency rate compared to any router based technologies like MPLS
Good support for applications that require strict latency
High security since it does not work based on the internet
The establishment of VLANs within a telecom landscape so that you are allowed to set a specific amount of bandwidth for a definite task

Go with the best

LOGIX is a leading Texas-based fiber network provider that operates several high-performance colocation data center facilities. We have been providing flexible and efficient solutions to customers in many fast-growing markets in and around Texas for over 30 years.

Our wholesale Metro Ethernet services are designed to address a wide range of networking requirements at metropolitan, regional and national levels for both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint connections.

Our service is built on a carrier-grade network that has the ability to extend to 3,000 on-net buildings and more than 100 on-net data centers with multiple bandwidth options up to 100 Gbps. This promises you a seamless, reliable and low-latency stable connectivity. If you are thinking of trying out our service, you can visit our website and request a free quote.

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