Why React Native App is Better than Hybrid App for Your Business?

Why React Native App is Better than Hybrid App for Your Business?

There is a lot to discuss and comprehend when it comes to building an application for your business. But because it has become such a mandatory requirement in the current age, so you can not really avoid addressing it. And the first thing that you need to consider when getting started with the app development process is to choose the platform on which you will build your application. Well, to choose the right platform for building an application for your business, you need to keep some factors in mind. These factors include the requirements and the cost that will be incurred during the development etc. Well, there are many types of applications that can be considered to be built and the major ones are hybrid applications and react native applications. Hence, to help you choose in a better way, we have come up with a comparison of some of the major factors between both hybrid apps and react native apps


  1. React Native App v/s Hybrid App: User Experience 

Starting off with one of the major factors like user experience as for an application to offer a convenient user experience is the most important aspect. Well, with react native apps, you can get a library that can contribute to better performance and brilliant animations on your apps. Whereas performance and user experience are a major part where hybrid apps lack. Well, this is because hybrid apps are originally built for web pages particularly, so the quality of the application can get compromised. 


  1. React Native App v/s Hybrid App: Language Stack 

Another factor that you should consider when choosing to invest in either react native or hybrid app development is to check the language stack on which it is based as it determines the functional capacities of the app. Well, react native is based on the Javascript framework which resembles HTML. And, even the framework of hybrid is angular which is a Javascript framework. Hence, you can use HTML templates for the views. 


  1. React Native App v/s Hybrid App: Plugins and Community 

Well, when it comes to the variety of plugins being provided and the guidance of the community. Talking about the react-native, there are multiple plugins for that including a plugin for using PhoneGap which directly avails you of other hundreds of advanced plugins. You can even hire an app development company to utilize all of these plugins and come up with the best solution. On the other hand, with the hybrid app, you can have access to plugins where developers sell and provide Ionic plugins.


So, these are some of the top factors that you can compare while choosing between react native and hybrid apps to build for your business. However, the best way you can make the most of the app development process is by hiring a team of professional developers. Well, Auxesis Infotech is one of the best app development companies having years of experience and expertise in providing the best variety of app development services.

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