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Why used computers are generally low in cost?

Used computers are generally low in cost because of various reasons and factors and most importantly because of the seller.

There are a lot of used computers available for sale at a very affordable and reasonable price. This attracts a lot of customers as the price is low. Most people simply buy the computer blindly due to the low price without even checking the computer.

Some get a good product and others get a bad product. It differs for each individual. So it is better to be careful while buying a second hand computer. Always remember, lower the price of the used desktop higher the risk of getting damaged early.

Before moving on to the topic let's discuss a few basic things which will help us to understand the article better.

What is a good Used Computer?

Good used computers are those products which are in very good condition and well-maintained. Always buy computers that are used for a very less period. The laptop must be used not more than a year or less.

Product within this limited used period is the best time to buy a second hand desktop because the condition might be as good as a new one, can avail the warranty, very less chance of getting damaged and most importantly getting a quality product at a low price.

What is the cost of a good second hand computer?

A good second hand computer can cost you around within 15K-50k. This is just an average price not the exact price rate. It is very difficult to find out the exact price rate as there are a lot of factors directly depending upon the price.

Factors that depend directly upon the price are:

  • Processor: Different processor costs different. The latest generation processor can cost high compared to the lower one.
  • Brand: Quality and premium brands might cost a bit high comparing to the other brands.
  • Hardware & Specification: Inbuilt hardware like RAM, HDD and other chipsets depending upon the capacity and performance the price differs and Higher the specification of the computer higher the price.
  • Seller: You might get a high-priced laptop at a very low cost or maybe not, that completely depends upon the person selling the product.

Why used computers are generally low in cost?

Used computers are generally low in cost because:

  • It is not a brand new computer.
  • Might be a refurbished computer.
  • Someone might be selling it at a low cost because of financial problems.
  • Someone switching to a new computer. So selling his old computer at a low cost.
  • It might be damaged or a very old computer.


People Also Ask For:

Is it a good decision to buy a Used Computer?

It’s a good decision to buy a used computer because buying a used one can help us save a lot of money and also, we can get good conditioned products.

But it will be a better decision if we check it thoroughly before buying a second hand desktop as few people want to sell their faulty computers at low cost and after falling into their trap we again have to spend more to repair it and we suffer loss.

Why do people buy second hand computers? 

People buy second hand computer because they are low cost and easily available in very good condition. Condition as good as a new computer.

As most people use desktops for commercial purposes as DVD & VCDs are outdated, desktops are best for watching videos or movies, browsing the internet, etc.

Buying a used one is best for commercial purposes because no heavy work is done on the desktop and very high chances that it will last for a longer period.

Can you sell old computers for money?

You can sell old computers for money on any classified sites. Make sure the computer is in good condition and working fine and in good condition too. There are a lot of people who might be willing to buy can contact you directly and you can get cash in exchange for the laptop.

Demands for buying old computers are less because old computers are slow, bulky and specifications are also very low. So, to attract more customers try to keep the price of the computer low.

Second hand computer shop in Pune

If you want to buy used computers in Delhi then just search in Google “Second hand computer shop in Pune” you can get used computers in Delhi as well as your nearby places easily. Many sellers deliver their products to your doorstep. It is really simple and easy.

Which is the best place to buy used computers?

You can buy an old computer on classified sites like Cifiyah. Here you can easily buy & sell used computers . If you want to sell your computer then just post an advertisement for selling your computer easily and securely. If anyone is interested in buying your computer can contact you directly through the contact address mentioned by you while posting your ad.




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