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We are the best cleaning service company that provides top-rated Bond cleaning in Sydney. We offer various cleaning services, including bond cleaning, carpet cleaning, pest control, hourly cleaning etc.

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FURNITURE CLEANING & CARE TIPS Wood Gives a classy and warm touch to your home decor.  Most people opt for wooden furniture for its versatility, durability and classic appeal. But wooden furniture may entail some cleaning and care for its preservation and longevity. Protecting it from environmental damage and how to clean it in the right manner, here are some tips to keep your furniture beautiful and safe. Protect From Sun:- Sunlight can dry our furniture and fade wood surface. Do not place your furniture direct in sunlight. After a time period, your furniture might be shrink and develop cracks. Clean With Soap And Water:- Use a clean wet cloth and very mild soap to clean the surface of furniture after that use a clean and dry cloth to wipe off the remaining dust. Waxing And Oiling Are Important:- Apply the oil on the dry and clean wooden surface. Let the wood absorb the oil for about 15-20 minutes. repeat the same process with wax. Wipe off with a clean cloth. Tackle the bad odour:- Take some baking soda and sprinkled it on furniture. You can also put a charcoal pan inside the drawer and chambers. Protect Furniture From Pets:- Our pets can accidentally scratch our furniture so, To prevent pet damage, protect wooden surfaces with a natural fibre cloth, chair cover or protective pad. By using these tips and tricks you can keep your furniture clean and safe.


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