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Top 5 features in the Field Service Software 2022 The Field Service Industries like the snow removal industry, house maintenance, Cleaning Services, HVAC industry, etc., have been buzzing with work orders and endless dispatches. The field service software has played its role in keeping all the documents organized and streamlining the business processes. Field Service Management Software aims to provide companies with the best tools to manage their business, monitor their employees, and track their company’s performance rate all in one place. They are usually equipped with various tools and customizable options that allow businesses to organize their work and keep all their components under control. With the software in hand, technicians can connect to the office in real-time by uploading all the invoices and files to the cloud. The field service mobile app is very beneficial in guiding technicians to their location through GPS integration, generating invoices, tracking equipment, etc. Here are 5 best tools or features that the Field Service Software of 2022 offer: Mobile App: FSM Mobile App With advanced technology comes the exclusive features of the field service mobile app. The mobile app allows technicians and managers to access their accounts at any time of the day. It also allows the manager, monitor and track work orders at any geographical location despite the office. The Field Service Mobile App is integrated with features to help navigate traffic, find accessible routes and reach the field on time. It also provides instant customer information through software like QuickBooks online Integration and feedback and descriptions. The mobile app is more beneficial to sync data from the schedules into the calendar and send technicians timely reminders before their dispatch, communicate with fellow workers on the field, capture images of the work done on the field, and more. Scheduling and Dispatching: Scheduling & Dispatching Scheduling and dispatching are two essential factors that come along with every field service management software. It helps keep all the work orders organized and under surveillance. Managers can drag and drop schedules on the calendar and the assigned technician. This allows them to have an overview of the scheduled and dispatched technicians. Scheduling becomes an automated process once you divide technicians based on geographical locations, availability, and skills. The organized form of digital scheduling avoids inconveniences like overbooking or rebooking technicians. While dispatching, technicians are provided with all the necessary details, including the customer information and required equipment. This helps them plan their work orders for the day and better understand their field service. Integrations: Integration capabilities for Field Service Business Field Service Management Software provides excellent services with the help of integrations like IoT, API, GPS, QuickBooks, etc. These integrations, such as the internet of things, mediate data exchange data over the internet using sensors. They help eliminate the loss of data by eliminating human interactions throughout the process. Application programming interface connects software to software or streamlines communication within. These integrations enhance the software’ to provide better work resolution to their users both in the office and the field. GPS integration allows managers to track their technicians on the field from the office, calculate traveling hours and help track inventory. Management Tools The field service management software helps manage different parts of the business, from the customers to the different departments and teams within the company. Team management: Technicians can be divided based on their geographical locations, abilities, availability, and other criteria for better supervision. Through the software, these team members can communicate from within the field, have emergency calls, get work order reminders and notifications, etc. For exceptional field service industries like Flaggers, the team leaders manage the attendance of the technicians to manage employee retention. Technicians can log in their working hours before and after to claim their respective paycheck. Customer management: As mentioned earlier, QuickBooks integration helps manage all the customer information. Field Promax has a two-way sync with QuickBooks to expand and benefit in terms of customer databases. The field service software provides 24/7 customer support to help resolve customer issues and queries. Customers are also provided with a copy of the estimate and invoices of the work order for both approval and reference to enhance the transparency of the company. Manage Customer Work order management: All the customer service requests are converted into work orders since the customer approves the estimates via email or the software itself. All the work orders are divided based on the technician’s availability and taking other circumstances into consideration. Field Promax provides an option for automated services if they require repeated service daily, weekly, or monthly. With the field service management software, all the paper files are cleared, and all the documents are made digital and saved to the cloud, giving unlimited access at any time Company Overview: With field service software, companies can have a clear outline and overview of the progress and performance of their business. The Reports and Dashboards feature allows you to convert your daily, weekly, and monthly reports into metrics that are easy to read and comprehend. The dashboard provides a visual analysis of the company’s performance and helps with better decision-making. The calendar view displays all the work orders, meetings, and appointments scheduled for individual technicians and different teams. Users can have a daily, weekly, and monthly view of the same to prepare for what is next. It also sends reminders of upcoming scheduled orders, cancellations, and other work order updates. The field service management software has become popular within marketing for enriching industries with all the necessary tools in one space. Field Promax believes in providing the best user-friendly tools to manage the field at the most affordable price. Enhance your business performance by presenting yourself with these fantastic features in 2022. Make sure to fuel your business for 2022 today! START YOUR FREE TRIAL TODAY!


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