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chemical products

The turning tide of chemical products

But this golden age may be coming to an end. Some important indicators have changed in the past few years. Although the industry's performance in the past 15 years still looks good, a closer look at the past five years is not so favorabl...

chemical suppliers

chemical suppliers means good business

Companies involved in and using chemicals can grow, so they need good chemical suppliers. You may have heard that a good supplier means good business. There are many chemical suppliers in the world, but only a few really care about how c...


The charm of chemical distributors

Why chemical distributors are the ideal choice for M & A? Due to the increasing use of distributors, the growth expectation of the Distribution Department has exceeded the overall growth expectation of the chemical end market.

chemical companies

the best chemical companies in India

India construction chemicals market is highly competitive with just top 5 companies accounting for almost 50% market revenues in 2012. The major industry players are investing a lot in R&D activities in order to develop high value and l...