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How to apply for OCI Card ?

This article has information about How to apply for OCI card? Documents required for OCI card and procedure is involved in this article. Can we apply for OCI card online? Here is all the information you need to know about OCI card.

British army

A Guide to Moving to UK from Australia

These are precisely the steps which are required to be followed while moving to UK from Australia. Some of these tasks you can do alone. For a few other tasks, you will need the help of one of the Australian international moving companies.

Carrying a Knife

Restrictions On Carrying a Knife

In many countries or states carrying knives in public places is prohibited or restricted by the law. Limitations may be made for fishing knives, poke knives, and knives used for work-related purposes like custom bowie knife or chef's kni...

jobs in usa

Highly Paid Jobs in the USA

Kansas Overseas is the Best immigration consultant. We provide PR visa services and immigration services to professionals across India. We provide immigration process to Indian as well as overseas professionals. Contact Kansas overseas c...