Underperforming Content

10 Proven Tips to Detect and Improve Underperforming Content

Content nowadays is one of the most essential factors of Search Engine Optimization or SEO as we call it. Whether it is web content, video content, social media content, or blogs, your content needs to be intact to be able to rank on top of their particular platforms.

You might have seen instances where you have spent hours on creating your wonderful piece of content but still, your content does not perform so well on the search engines. There can be many reasons why your content is not being ranked at the top of the search engines and what you can do to improve this status.

All of your queries are going to be solved by the end of this blog and you will get to know exactly how you can help your page to rank higher. (I would recommend reading this post till the end to know all the tips).

In this post, we will get to know all the tips and tricks that will help your underperforming blog post to perform better and rank higher. But first, let us know what exactly is an ‘underperforming content’?

What is Underperforming Content?

Content nowadays is one of the most essential factors of Search Engine Optimization or SEO as we call it. Whether it is web content, video content, social media content, or blogs, your content needs to be intact to be able to rank on top of their particular platforms.

Therefore, we can say that underperforming content is a piece of content that does not generate the Return on Investment or ROI which was expected from it. For example, if your blog is not getting much traffic, your videos are not being watched, or your emails are not getting much engagement, these all may be due to ‘underperforming content’.

So, what is the solution? What do you do to transform your ‘underperforming content’ into something which will generate expected ROI? Here are 10 proven and tried tips that could elevate your content’s ranking in no time.

Here, we will learn about all the possible reasons which make content an ‘underperforming content’. Hand in hand, we will also discuss the solutions for those problems.

Cause #1: Your content may not be in the format which is prioritized by Google.

Google or any other search engine prioritizes one format of content over others at a certain point which your content does not conform to.

For example, you have created a blog on “how to make” which is trending in the form of video by Google. In that case, your blog would not rank and you would have to change your format.

Cause #2: Your content is not as compelling

The reason why your content is not performing well maybe because it is not as good or appealing as other websites out there. Therefore, Google is prioritizing its pages over yours.

Cause #3: Your page is not up to date

Look the thing is that everyone looks for information which is as fresh as possible. Especially in the case of statistics, some piece of information, demographics, statistics, etc. They have to be up to date and provide the latest information.

Cause #4: The indexation status of your page may have been changed by your tech directives.

There could be various causes that may make your page fall out of Google’s index. Such causes may include, unexpected no-index tag, canonical tag, incorrect hreflang tags, page status change, page removed with Google console’s remover tool, etc. Therefore, you should take care of the tech directives of your page.

Cause #5: Your content might be the victim of duplication or cannibalization

If you try to rank multiple pages with the same or similar keywords then it may trigger duplication or cannibalization which could result in the loss of organic visibility of your content. To prevent this, make sure to use a variety of keywords on your page.

Cause #6: Your content lost visibility due to changes in SERP

The SERP or Search Engine Research Pages has changed their features a lot in the past few years which could become a reason to make your page fall off Google’s top listing. The tip here is to keep reviewing the SERP and keep updating your page according to them.

Cause #7: Your page does not have any backlink

The last mistake you would not want to make on your page would be to not add backlinks to your other pages. Adding backlinks increase the visibility of your other pages and also is considered an effective SEO technique.

Cause #8: Your content does not meet the requirement of your reader

The most foremost purpose of your blog/ content should be to meet the exact requirement of your potential reader. Nobody would want to read content that does not provide them with the information which they are looking for. So, to get your page to rank, your content must connect with your reader’s requirements.

Cause #9: The headline of your page is not attractive enough

You know words have immense power in them, so using the correct set of words can increase traffic whereas the incorrect ones can have a negative effect. Consider using Power Words in your headlines such as;

  • Authentic
  • Proven
  • Backed
  • Best-selling
  • Certified
  • Endorsed
  • Guaranteed, etc.

Cause #10: You do not reoptimize your content

Reoptimizing your content can prove to be of great help in increasing the rank of your page. You may also use ‘long-tail keywords’ to improve their performance as they have less completion and are more specific.

So, here are the top 10 tips which will elevate the success of your content quickly and will help you create a great piece of content for your future pages.

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