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5 Easy Ways to Create a Mind Blowing Abstract Painting

Abstraction is something which allows a man to use his mind for visualizing what he cannot physically see with this eyes, true. Shapes, colors, line, patterns and textures- these are the factors that add life to an artwork! What if they mingle together to resemble something, which might depict a different, deeper meaning? That is what we call Abstract art. At IndianArtZone, you would find a variety of 100% authentic, hand painted Abstract art that is superior in quality. Visit their website to know more about their services.

People have looked at abstract paintings on several occasions and then said to themselves, “I think I can do that one.” In as much as abstract painting may look easy to some people, it should be noted that they can be more challenging than classical or traditional paintings. The simple reason for this is because abstract art goes against the normal rules and conventions of painting. But in while doing so, it gifts the artists with the flexibility to decide how they desire to break the rules and express their art in the best possible way. If you are interested in abstract painting, here are a few easy to ways you can use to create mind-blowing paintings that will be appreciated by generations to come.

Decide on a reference image

Using a reference image when creating an abstract painting may sound counterintuitive, but commencing the art with a specific starting point will bring a lot of clarity to the process, and you will not just complete the work quickly, but also you will bring out all the details you had envisioned in your mind for the painting. The reference image can be anything random like scenery painting or Indian art paintings, but one which can give you inspiration as far as your abstract painting is concerned. But if you don’t feel like using a reference point by going wholly with what is on your mind, then feel free to do that. 

Learn from the masters

Throughout history, people have learned from mentors and became equally good in their craft, and you could also use this simple yet effective approach to create mind-blowing abstract painting all the time. You can start by checking out masterworks and trying to figure out what they are all about or check any Canvas Art Online.

It will also be a good thing to start practicing with some of the masterwork, not by copying them, but breaking them into individual shapes so that you can get a sense of how the painting came to be. You don’t have to worry about the details at this point. You can then attempt to redraw the shapes on your own and trying bringing them together to see how far you can go. Such a practice will sharpen your mental acuity about abstract art, and with time, you will have the skills to come up with very good paintings. 

Have a focal point 

With every piece of art, there has to be a focal point. For abstract paintings, you should strive to have a focal point only that it doesn’t have to be anything recognizable. The focal point is important because it will guide the eyes on where to start from and wander to the rest of the painting. It is what will help to make the paint “make sense.” With abstract paintings, however, the focal point should always be off the center. 

Check the edges of the painting

The edges of the painting are just as important for the overall success of the painting as the items you paint inside them. Edges will help you anchor the painting, create a good balance, or let you know when you are going “off stage.” While you paint, keep checking on the edges and don’t allow your focal point to get lost by locating it right at the center of the art. 

Put your feelings to use

In most cases, abstract paintings never have recognizable subjects and this gives you the freedom to base the feeling on pure emotions. With only your moods and the proper use of colors, you can create an outstanding piece of abstract work that will convey emotions to whoever sets their eyes on it. Remember, you can use art to display your moods and let people know whether you are sad or happy. In the same way, you should channel your feelings and let them inform your painting when you want to create an outstanding piece of art. 

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